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  1. How many millennia are you going to wait?
    The problem with evolution isn't just that it's straight forward… not exactly a transparent science, but in the fact that these are the “centuries and epochs” that were required for the evolution of something there…
    They are simply impossible to imitate))

    It is difficult for us ( humanity) to build projects and sustain them for 20-30 years.

    There is no question of maintaining something for at least half a century or even a century.

    it clearly takes centuries and maybe millennia)

  2. Clearly, the process of evolution itself can be seen if it wakes up to concern primitive animals, such as insects (because they quickly change generations). For example, if environmental conditions change in a certain place and only those whose qualities are suitable for the new conditions will survive and reproduce from the population of these animals, then the animals will gradually change slightly with each generation.

  3. Give at least one obvious example of the evolution of one animal species into another animal species in nature, without the participation of scientists in this process, to prove Darwin's teachings, scientifically, based on obvious facts that can be observed right now.

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