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  1. no, a simultaneous collapse of ALL, or even a significant number of, buildings built at the same time is impossible.
    They were built using different technologies, in different climatic zones, on different soils, from building materials of different manufacturers, by different construction teams and with different violations of technology (and some, possibly, without these violations)

    In addition, buildings are designed for different purposes, they have different permissible service life, and they were also serviced in different ways…..

    Take several thousand identical coins, flip them at the same time – what is the probability that they will all fall heads up? So, for synchronous destruction of buildings built at the same time, this probability will be many orders of magnitude less
    Well, if you don't count, of course, a natural or man-made disaster.

  2. Theoretically, the probability of synchronous collapse of dilapidated buildings is not zero. But in practice, dilapidated buildings are usually deliberately destroyed as soon as they start to pose a threat, and often earlier – to make room for new development.

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