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  1. If we start from the idea that the fourth dimension is time, then I doubt that any subsequent ones will be anything reasonable. Certainly incomprehensible, but still, hardly reasonable. Naturally, the concept of god can be represented in different ways, god can also be that reaction, that matter because of which space and time arose, but if you mean by” god ” some person (being), I doubt that you can fit his existence into the idea of many dimensions

  2. I didn't believe in the spiritual world for 45 years. In God, of course, too. But I had to deal with such inexplicable cases that it made me pick up a Book of Books-the Bible and study it. I spent 3 years of my life, but I didn't sleep at night for nothing.

    I came to the conclusion: God, the one and only Almighty, who preceded everyone and everything that exists. It lives outside the physical universe.�

    But there is no harmony on Earth, which means that something has happened in the spiritual sphere. All these “spirits”, “barabashki”, ghosts” – which you write about, are the work of evil angels who rejected the authority of the Father and harm people. They are also invisible, because they are created by spiritual personalities. They frighten people and encourage them to reach out to people who, as if, can resist them and free them from their influence.These are fortune tellers, psychics, spiritists, healers, etc. people. It is also suggested by the angels-demons that everyone has a destiny and a share of life. They pretend to be UFO aliens who can supposedly save us. And no God is needed!�

    But this is a trap, leading to apathy and wrong, evil deeds. ,

    By the way, fortune-tellers, witches, soothsayers-also pour water on the mill of the enemies of God. So, only the Bible has shown me the true picture of genesis.

  3. If you're interested, I have a theory (and a book). I don't insist on anything. In my opinion, there is a God. One, more in our world just does not fit (joke). And all that people call “gods”, “spirits”, “barabashki”, ghosts “- these are His working “organs”, because God Himself cannot appear among people, especially since “everything is in him”, but He intervenes in the course of things, because “chance” is God. In this way, you can understand all the phenomena that we don't understand (you can understand them, but you can't explain the principles). Almost everything that exists, but is not explicable by our science, can be attributed to this category. UFOs and UFOs that refute the laws of physics, strange drawings (not fakes), mentions in ancient records)… Even Bigfoot and Nessie, if you want. and in this case, all this exists always and close to us. I don't know anything about other dimensions…

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