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  1. You can create a temple of anything, I wouldn't be surprised if America already has one. But a temple is a religious building, which means that it will be in favor of recognizing atheism as a religion, and most atheists, as far as I know, do not agree with this position. Of course, there would be a problem with the appropriate attributes. Atheism, in the original sense, is criticism of the idea of God, non-recognition of him, and so on. That is, it is a position against, and not for something. Therefore, the constructive approach will most likely have to be taken from the philosophy of materialism and scientism. There may be arguments and debates between followers of different philosophies – Marxists versus positivists or something like that. But, most likely, none of this will happen, because there is no need to.

  2. The temple of atheism is the mind of an atheist, his self-respect and courage to look life in the eye without soul-saving fairy tales, his honest morality, which in its judgments is guided by the true essence of a person, and not by the promised posthumous reward.

    If you want to build a temple of atheism, learn and think critically, and teach it to others.

  3. It was called the house of the sun, and was practiced during the French Revolution by Saint Simon and Co. Well, I'll keep quiet about science museums altogether. But this is a small thing, compared to libraries, schools and institutes. Terrible atheistic temples!

  4. In temples, they pray, perform rituals, and worship someone… Atheism does not require worship and does not involve any rituals. It is not clear who will visit the temple of atheism and why.�

    But if you have extra money…

  5. The temple of atheism will look like your party, to which you invited all your friends, acquaintances and relatives to say that today is not your birthday. The central place in the temple will be occupied by statues and images of all kinds of gods, even those that are forbidden to portray in principle. The absence of rituals and rules will be etched into the tablets at the entrance in the most colorless ink. Even an invisible macaroni monster won't be able to fly inside due to its untimely absence.

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