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  1. No, because you can't go back in time 🙂

    In fact, there are two logically consistent concepts of time travel:

    1) Multi-world: there are two versions of the story. The first is where our grandfather died from being shot by a man who SUDDENLY appeared, and the second is where he lived a happy life, and later, his grandson invented a time machine, got into it and SUDDENLY disappeared. In this concept, no paradoxes arise, just by returning to the past, you will change not your reality, but someone else's, which does not prevent you from safely staying in it, and going to the future (or just wait a couple of decades in a cryocamber)

    2) More sophisticated, quantum: In this concept, the story is one, and it is fundamentally consistent, because it corrects paradoxes by itself. If you try to kill your grandfather – you will not succeed due to some incredible combination of circumstances, the nature of reality will not allow you to do this. Or it just turns out that your grandfather is not yours, and you just did not know.

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