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  1. Exactly what is possible, but only among transhumanists. If transhumanists from all over the world are concentrated in any country, then cultural and technological growth will grow by leaps and bounds. But it will be precisely transhumanist growth, and the rest of the world will spit on excessive high-tech and “cultural demagoguery”. Transhumanist ideas will be realized only in the country of victorious transhumanism!!!�

    I generally view the ideas of intelligent transhumanism positively.�

    Many people associate the word “transhumanism” with cyborgs, augmentation, AI, and nanotechnology, but these people don't know much about transhumanism. Primitive “augmentation” is already possible – plastic surgery, for example. In addition, “augmentation” can be called painkillers that relieve pain, and decontaminating drugs that reduce the likelihood of infection in the body. But these are physical “augmentations” and they have nothing to do with transhumanism.�

    However, I believe that spiritual improvements, not physical ones, should be at the forefront of the attack. By improving your mental and intellectual abilities, accumulating knowledge, and developing wisdom, you can become a posthuman.�

    In the country of victorious transhumanism, the goal of transhumanism is quite achievable…

  2. I have a negative attitude to the ideas of transhumanism.

    Intelligence does not exist by itself, but in interaction with the outside world. Accordingly, artificial intelligence will inevitably develop in a different way than natural intelligence, and sooner or later it will reach a state in which it will inevitably not relate in any way to the cultural riches accumulated by humanity. Therefore, artificial intelligence (or even natural intelligence transferred to an artificial body) will not have a clear opportunity to perceive what humanity has accumulated as something of its own. And accordingly, it will actually be something new that has nothing to do with humanity.

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