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  1. Not yet. We can only learn about the presence of qualia in another creature from its words, and these words may well be an automatic reaction. See the Chinese room paradox.

  2. The question is poorly posed. (hence the paradoxes of Chinese rooms). It is necessary to specify in advance what is “consciousness” and what is “proof” in this case. And without this, the presence of “consciousness” in oneself is unprovable.; -)

  3. Solipsism, a philosophical trend that recognizes only the existence of one's own “I”. It is defined as an extreme state of selfishness and egocentrism. “Solipsism can only succeed in a madhouse” Schopenhauer. Of course, if a person is convinced of this, it is difficult to convince him, because he will consider any arguments as ” creating his own mind. How can you prove it? Okay, I'll try. Look at the city around you, at our entire civilization in general. Is there one? It was clearly not created by you personally, and it is not a creation of your consciousness, it is there. And it was clearly created by intelligent beings who are aware of what they are doing. And keep in mind that everyone passing by can also consider you an unintelligent and unconscious person, or do you exist in a single copy? Then where do you exist if not in a world created by others like you? Or is your existence illusory? That is, you do not exist in reality, and you are therefore the creation of someone's mind. Whose one? And anyone living in this world.

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