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  1. This” actually working principle ” is ridiculed as a vulgar understanding of science by charlatans even by Moliere:�

    Opium has a hypnotic effect, because it has a hypnotic power.

    In normal science, it is not the words that are important, but the elements of reality that are implied by them and the logical relationships in which these elements consist. And the word is just a convenient label that refers to this within the framework of theory.

  2. not quite. however, this is generally in the spirit of a person. if you give something a name, it seems to become clearer.

    Alas, this is often speculated by scientists (pseudoscientific) and all sorts of religious leaders and grief-psychologists.
    when people simply name a certain phenomenon and describe what is happening.

    OK, great… I can do that myself. and then what?)))
    and then-nothing. a shadow is cast on the fence, then ????? and then-profit

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