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  1. There are no accidents in the world, everything happens naturally in it. The present is the child of the Past; the Future is the offspring of the Present, and yet, O present world! “Life is a desert, we wander through it naked. A mortal full of pride, you are ridiculous! You find a reason for every step, but it has long been decided in heaven.” With uvzhenie.

  2. I think the answer is a little different…

    Everything that can happen-happened, happens and will happen.

    Infinity is multidimensional and multi-factorial.

    There is no level “0” in any direction.

  3. Personally, my opinion is that the question itself is incorrect for me personally, the fact is that I am an adherent of the fact that in our created world, nothing is RANDOM , and therefore if the question sounded different , well, for example ,:

    “Is it possible to say that in the universe everything that can happen will happen?”, then I would answer in the affirmative, because the Universe is matter and space, matter is eternal, and space is material NOTHING, therefore it cannot end, or will end, which means that what can happen in this infinite Universe in all respects will happen sooner or later.

  4. Imagine for a moment that everything you can wish for has already come true. Everything that can only be imagined: a peaceful sky, a house full of chalice, a happy humanity, and even the knowledge of the Holy Spirit itself, and even all the blackest and most terrible things. And all this, as well as the myriad desires of all other beings in the world, also managed to suddenly come true in the most unimaginable way. More, so to speak, and nothing comes true. And now frankly admit: what is really your most real and true desire? Get to know him. Go inside this threefold-royal desire, feel it, live with it alone. There will come a time when you will fully breathe it into yourself, as His Majesty Chance did with great pleasure…

  5. it is possible, but on the condition that all this happens, does not contradict the laws of the universe. for example, a statue can't come to life. well, or something similar that does not come across logic, and common sense.

  6. You can say, you can not say. The universe is multivariate. There is no total time in the universe, this is a subjective measure for each world. To go beyond the flow of time of a particular world, you need to become an external observer, that is, move away from it in space at a sufficient distance. To see (record) events occurring in a particular world, you need to tune in to the current time of that particular world. You can be in the same world, but at different times. Do you catch it? From the point of view of an observer in a particular world (for example, a person), all events in it occur sequentially and these changes are recorded precisely by consciousness (on the physical level with the help of the brain, and on the mental level with the help of the mind – but not to be confused with the mind), capable only of such observation in order. All events (all variants of their development) in all worlds simply exist simultaneously, if we think from the point of view of the Universe. For them, there is no past, no present, and no future. As it is for us, but our brain covers it with a superficial illusion of the passage of time. Can you tell me the real moment? There is no such thing, because while you think it flows further. There is also no past, there is only an imprint in our memory (relatively speaking, an imprint). The future has not yet arrived, which means that it also objectively does not exist. But what I'm saying is that all scenarios exist simultaneously, but not all lines are implemented specifically for a particular person in the time stream of a particular world. The human consciousness itself will determine, consciously or unconsciously, which line will be implemented (energy redistribution according to the hourglass effect). Other lines will be implemented in other worlds (or rather, in other projections of the same world, often called parallel worlds). You can imagine that for the Universe, all events in all dimensions and densities of physical space are “fixed on disk”, but are not active (not implemented). And the reader is a different consciousness (not only people, but also everything else). Each consciousness reads its own level of what is recorded on the disk. Sometimes these levels intersect, sometimes they don't, and there are many dead-end lines. But there is a difference between the reading process (implementation of the variant) and everything else committed to disk.

  7. Yes and no. Let's take a well-known example from probability theory: the infinite monkey theorem. Or as Wikipedia says: “an abstract monkey, by randomly hitting the keys of a typewriter for an unlimited time, will sooner or later type any pre-set text.” If we endow this abstract monkey with such a quality of a real living monkey as limited existence, or simply put, mortality, then this will never happen. The restriction of life imposes a ban on such decisions. But this prohibition can be circumvented by introducing a new entity – the soul of the monkey, which has immortality. Then, from life to life, or say, from death to death, the physical shell of this soul will develop and improve, and so much so that sooner or later, becoming, for example, Leo Tolstoy, it will be able to print “War and Peace”.

  8. Probably the question implies the theory of the multiverse or the fact that the universe is infinite (therefore, there are as many worlds as you want and in one of them everything that can be imagined can happen)
    But it is not for nothing that it is called a theory and has not been proven in any way, so it is impossible to say so

  9. The question itself is slightly incorrect. The answer obviously lies in the author's question itself. You can't answer with a strong “yes” or “no”. After all, both are questioned. The very meaning of the question speaks of the hopelessness of random events already supposedly predicted by the universe. Which suggests only thoughts about this. Often, many people have no one to discuss their opinion on this issue with. As a result, only your formed opinion remains, and with age, the ability to analyze information only becomes blunted. And besides, there are other problems, and many do not even understand that they spend the main part of their life on everyday vanity, on solving problems related to ill-considered actions. Considering that “we live like this”, “we haven't learned anything else”. The answer obviously lies in the author's question itself. I think it's better to say that yes, you can say that. Any random events are already provided for by the universe, otherwise there would be no universe itself. Like an egg and a chicken. If you understand this, you can use it. For example, to build an action plan for several outcomes of random events, and then a person learned to think. Almost everyone can think. But they are biased by their thoughts. Because of what they strive for constancy. Creating your own comfort zone, so to speak. This is where the consequences of such a limited life path lie. Everyone sees it differently. Hence the conflicts and disagreements.�

    But, if-in the universe, everything that can happen – will not happen. Everything we do is predetermined. That is, the so-called “fate”. And here opinions differ. It is believed that it can be changed, as well as its doom. That is, you can almost write it yourself, which already implies the probability of a different number of event outcomes, depending on the situation. Or just mindlessly fall into the abyss of life, taking what is happening for granted.

    Well, there are possible errors in the test. But they are random.

  10. It would be interesting and funny, infinity embraces everything… Probably, except for stupidity. Of course, if in our world there are fools who put a light bulb in their mouth for an infinite time, idiots in similar worlds also persistently do the same. But in inanimate nature, for sure, there must be some “foolproof devices” that exclude the possibility of global irreversible processes leading, for example, to the destruction of the universe, otherwise the universe would no longer exist. But the main thing here is the condition of the infinity of the cosmos in space and time. and the validity of Einstein's postulate about the validity of physical laws in any coordinate system. Personally, I doubt both, everyone has their own unprovable opinion (I don't believe in mathematical proofs)

  11. If we take as a dogma that the universe is infinite, then of course, everything that is possible and impossible in it has already happened, is happening and will continue to happen. And that's great, for me.

  12. If we refer to Murphy's law, then yes. Anything that can be misinterpreted or not done according to the instructions will be done this way. But this is a negative aspect. As for random things and absurdities, we should turn to the theory of probability. This is already from the field of higher mathematics – not my profile, to put it mildly.

  13. It all depends on what is included in the category-the universe… Definitely not in our country… If we are talking about a multi-universe, the chances are higher, provided that it exists)

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