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  1. You can, if you stand on the positions of some Confucianism (religious and philosophical teachings of the Ancient East), in which, unlike Buddhism, which is fixated on the sufferings of each individual person, we are talking about the misfortunes of the entire society. From the point of view of Confucianism, all social disasters arise precisely because of human ignorance and misunderstanding of how the world works. Rather — because of a lack of understanding of some higher heavenly order that organized the entire universe in a state of perfect harmony. People — because of their ignorance and the resulting irrational actions-violate this harmony, as a result, we have the world no longer as an ordered system, but as a system with increasing entropy. A similar picture can be projected on the current situation in society: people tend to generalize information about an event received from news channels, often without even trying to follow the link and read the news to the end, making a conclusion only from the title. As a result, without really knowing anything about the event, we already have some idea about it, probably deliberately false. What rational goals can there be, then, if people forget to be critical of their own beliefs, following the method of incomplete induction in their mental constructions?

  2. Yes, absolutely. I have devoted thirty years of my life, with good opportunities, to solving this very issue, its first part. On the way to this knowledge, there are incredibly many obstacles that, already with knowledge of the matter, are arranged not by someone, but by another person and others like him. The world is incredibly complex. But all the good things we have – I mean those who strive for the Good – are ahead of us. Will and Strength to those who enter, nevertheless, into a peaceful struggle for the knowledge of the World. Fortunately, the time is right on the threshold of Humanity when the struggle will be easier. There are good reasons for this. But the main thing is to understand that we are given free Will and Life.

    We wish you all success in the New Year, solving your Problems in the future for the benefit of Knowledge!

  3. before answering this question,you need to answer the FIRST two questions

    1For what is needed-society?

    2strategy and tactics of society's existence

    as a result, you will get an answer to the question posed

  4. We can say that this is the case, if we talk about ordinary people, people often do not see the picture of the world, it is replaced by propaganda and lies of “higher” people in power, which generates problems for the people, but not for the powerful, critical thinking is very important for society, especially in the era of globolization.

  5. Knowing the full picture of the world will not save society from its inherent problems.If this society creates its own problems and does not set rational goals to get rid of these problems.

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