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  1. The issue of euthanasia in general is extremely philosophical and causes a lot of controversy in the field of bioethics, so there is no single correct view, but I will express my own.

    A person is made a person primarily by abstract thinking, which, in particular, adds to his physical pain, registered by receptors and processed by the nervous system, mental pain in the form of suffering that may not be caused by really threatening environmental factors. Therefore, in the case of a person, the issue of euthanasia is extremely difficult to solve, and this decision is avoided in most States for many reasons, many of which, for supporters of both prohibition and permission of euthanasia, are exclusively moral categories.

    Other animals are ranked lower by their lack of abstract thinking, and, as a result, they do not experience suffering, only physical pain. Therefore, an old animal that can no longer fulfill its social role in the animal world or for its owner or owner can be killed, in my opinion, although it is often unjustified to interfere with the natural course of affairs. In any case, the decision to leave the life or death of an animal lies with its owner, if it is legal, and certainly does not concern an outsider in any way.

    That's my opinion.

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