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  1. THE main thing in thought is not the material (secondary) side, but the informational one.

    Information is a real objective property of matter-a type of form of a material body.

    Classical matter – in terms of its importance and relevance-is gradually becoming a thing of the past.

    Information goes to the main relevant leading roles – to solve the general problems of survival and development..

  2. This is a very simple question for those who understand what matter is. Yes, thought is not always a” product ” of the brain, but thought is material. I don't quite understand what the author means when he says has the property of matter. If we understand that matter is energy, then everything falls into place, that is, thought is material. With respect.

  3. Definitely yes, because as representatives of modern science say, dealing with such issues-thoughts, ideas, will, etc. are related to the human brain. After all, without a brain, there is no thinking, or any other such thing.

    But on the other hand, if we speak in essence, then the thought itself belongs directly to the soul, or so: it belongs to the essence of the soul. And the soul, as philosophers would say, is an immaterial thing, because it belongs to non-corporeal existence. And in this respect (strictly speaking) it has nothing in common with the material (as the ancient philosopher Proclus puts it, “the body, although it participates in things, does not in itself participate in the soul”).

    Continuing this line of thought, we can also point out that (after all) according to the idealists, the non-corporeal essence of the soul is primary in relation to the material. What does it mean in such a statement that the material is derived from the non-corporeal (spiritual), etc.

    And, then, how should one answer the question posed… in what capacity does this material act?..

  4. No, thought is not matter. Thought is not matter, but a function, property, or behavior of matter. Matter in this case is the brain. Examples of non-matter further: running, electric current, rainbow, rotation, white color, red color, note to.

  5. Yes, our thoughts are material, they tend to come true, and bad ones often come true more readily than good ones. Therefore, it is important to think correctly and lightly

  6. Thought is information that can be sludge, or it can be event-driven. When It says: Nothing happens without me! Then It decides what event to be. There are so many thoughts that no brain can stand it.From a huge number of thoughts, the Creator selects important ones for us and gives them to us to choose from. and we are already choosing what to do!

  7. Like, yes, but… Our body, our brain, our hands and feet are the so-called rough material elements. So, the fact is that thought is a subtle material element. So fine-material elements have some properties, but clearly not the same as coarse-material ones. I don't know what the properties of fine – material elements are in detail…

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