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  1. The truth is that absolute freedom for a person does not exist in principle, if we take into account objective reality. We are all limited and bound by something, both materially and spiritually. Freedom can be considered only in the sense of subjective sensations, i.e., freedom is, firstly, subjective, and, secondly, relative (what one considers freedom can be seen in a completely different light by another). Therefore, someone may feel free in the absence of emotions, but the other may consider it as not freedom, because he is not free in the manifestation of his emotions.

  2. Then it is not a person. Either a robot, or a super-super-being based on a human (ala Buddha), but not a human. Man is by nature given feelings. It's not just a matter of our choice. They are regulated by our biology – hormones, neurotransmitters, etc.

    I, by virtue of my profession, on the contrary, face the fact that people become sooo unhappy when they stop feeling and we work to “fix”it.

  3. This is the idea of the ancient Stoics. But no, that's not true. Although the illusion of freedom can be. True freedom is possible only through the knowledge of the Truth, God's Truth. Through the knowledge of God Himself, for He is the Truth.

  4. Not true. A person needs emotions in order to quickly assess what is happening around them and better understand people. Lack of emotions may not indicate freedom, but may be a symptom of diseases(for example, schizophrenia, oligophrenia, dementia). Instead of freedom, such a person may have much more restrictions and difficulties in life.

    And in order for you to have more freedom, you just don't need to be a slave to emotions and have the appropriate experience to understand when emotional decisions can harm you and others. You need to develop self-control, try to understand something, before you make any rash decisions on emotions and draw wrong conclusions.

  5. this is only a part of everything that brings freedom. Yes, the free i.e. enlightened one has both emotions and feelings.it's just that he doesn't identify with them.that's all the difference.

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