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  1. To some extent. It's just that there's always a difference between what philosophy is popular with philosophers and non-philosophers. So, for example, if speculative realism and philosophizing about art are popular among the latter, then the topic does not arouse similar interest in the academic community. The easiest way to understand this is even based on what figures are relevant for fans of intellectual content and for modern philosophers.

    For example,Peterson and Zizek are popular with the former, the latter, of course, know who they are, but do not take them seriously either. This is exactly what both thinkers noted in their recent debates.

    So, I would answer this question as follows. Young people who live in relatively developed countries have a noticeable interest in”intelligent content”. It means philosophy, science, art, and everything else in a row. In other words, intellectual content is in any case close to philosophical content, but it is not necessarily philosophical content. In fact, this is a separate type of journalism.

  2. I would like to say yes, but to be honest, I don't think so πŸ™‚

    This impression can be formed due to the fact that information has become very accessible, and access to it is statistically tracked. In general, social networks are now full of public posts like “philosophy, esotericism, mysticism”, or “Wittgenstein's philosophy”. The first option (and it is the most common) has nothing to do with philosophy at all. Second , yes, and there are always a certain number of people who are interested in philosophy or intellectual content in general. But according to my feelings, the percentage of such people is not increasing too much. Although there is an option that, due to the same availability, interest in philosophy will still increase over time.

  3. Hello, but no, not to say that in fashion, the percentage of people interested in philosophy is about the same as always, there is no clear increase in interest among progressive youth in this direction. It is worth noting that the “Philosophy of Jason Statham” public pages are not an indicator, rather, they are used for entertainment.

  4. Each person has the ability to create their own universe. Young people strive to know themselves, that is, they improve themselves, these are very good aspirations. But this has nothing to do with philosophy. The desire for knowledge is the spirituality of the human soul. “The knower is not the one who knows much, the one who knows much does not know. A wise person does not seek merit, because only those who have power can give it to others. Only those who have attained fullness and inexhaustibility can contribute to another.” Philosophy is the love of wisdom, and there is no wisdom in knowledge!!! With respect.

  5. Progressive youth do not want to work,but they really like to philosophize.It is always easier to talk with your tongue and there is practically no responsibility.

  6. We live in a largely spiritless and aggressive society imbued with stupid hatred. And the reason for this is atheism and the lack of true religious and philosophical knowledge among the masses of people.
    In matters of good and evil-it is impossible to understand, without a philosophical worldview.
    Modern society cultivates grotesque ethical vices in a person….
    Therefore, it is necessary to develop in every possible way and learn to identify what is true and false with the knowledge left by the best thinkers.
    … It is still difficult for young souls to understand: where is the lie, and where is the truth. What should they do in this situation?
    The answer is quite obvious: it is better to seek the truth from God.
    Therefore, in order to be mentally healthy, we need to study the Will of God in relation to us and learn to live in accordance with it, and not with the morality imposed by the media, false pastors and criminal “authorities” of various scales.
    The relevant question is: how to start implementing what has been said? After all, it is always useful to start from the beginning, not from the end!
    We must begin by taking into our worldview the knowledge about the Evolution of Consciousness and about our own place and role in it. Also – about the methodology of spiritual improvement, which is based on ethics.
    Let's talk about the concept of “human form”.
    People who have a “human form” think and act mainly according to the principles of “so it is accepted”, “everyone does it”.
    And “losing the human form” means, by and large, to stop doing everything that is not necessary, and to do only what is necessary within the framework of God.
    The true spiritual Path… – its basis, its “carrier wave” is the transformation of oneself into harmony and refined love. Rudeness and violence are the opposite qualities!
    Selfishness, greed, the desire to appropriate someone else's property β€” these qualities are incompatible with spirituality in a person. They will definitely lead to degradation.
    Korysten β€” “by right” – is only the Creator.
    If we deviate from the fulfillment of this Will of His concerning us β€” He is forced to hurt us. This is one of the manifestations of the “law of karma”.
    Replacing egocentrism with God β€” centrism by a person in himself will mean a complete “loss of the human form”.
    For the transformation under consideration, it is necessary for a person to achieve, first of all, the proper level of development of the intellectual function of consciousness β€” namely, the function of a developed soul, but not of the mind. There are no other options for implementing this task!
    But you can help an evolutionarily ready person to see the problem under consideration and specific situations on this topic, reminding him about this direction of spiritual development. That is, for example: do you want to do this for yourself β€” or for God, or because everyone does it-or because I do it because it is useful for God, for developing me in my spiritual studies, for helping other people?
    It is necessary to add a very important half of this topic: “Do to the other only what he or she objectively needs β€” and not what I want!”.
    The process of mastering God-Centricity provides not only a quick rapprochement with the Creator in terms of the quality of consciousness (soul), but also provides clear benefits for living in the world of matter.
    Even if it's a storm, a hurricane, cold, heat, pain β€” all this can be learned not to resist emotionally, and therefore not to suffer! You just need to feel the manifestation of God's Will β€” as another lesson for me, for the sake of my improvement.
    Let's say you see a person who annoys you. What would you have done before? They became irritated. And now? You tell yourself: “This is my addiction, this is it, dear teacher. Now I'm going to find out what kind of addiction you're dramatizing in me.” This is real creativity.

    The best people on Earth, Avatars, and Messiahs (for example, Pythagoras, Lao Tzu, and Babaji) have repeatedly given people knowledge on the topic of perfection in the history of the Earth. You can read more about this in the book ” Classics of Spiritual Philosophy and Modernity’.
    People tend to forget the Knowledge that God gives. And even more than that-to pervert it…

    It is difficult for God to help us when people are bound by material attachment!
    And only a few people who have matured and matured in the cycle of samsara are able to understand God and accept His Gifts: knowledge about Him and Himself!
    All the others live in a world of illusions β€” and there is no way to cope with this!
    The only thing that can help on a large time scale is to broaden the horizons of young people β€” as opposed to driving them into the trap of stupid one β€” pointedness and hatred of all dissenters.
    ….. The specific task is to broadcast to those people who are able to accept the Truth.
    These can be, first of all, those who are capable of unorthodox thinking. Among them, there may be a higher percentage of worthy spiritual initiations than among the crowds of those who are chained in “rules” and rituals, who live in emotions of anger…
    At the same time, we must remember that not all unorthodox thinkers think correctly. It should not become a slogan β€” ” go to the red light!”.
    In fact β€” it makes sense to transform yourself in the direction of fulfilling the methodology of spiritual improvement! Only then will it have a positive meaning!
    … I will make two more important points.
    The first one concerns aesthetics. It is important to understand that the spiritual Path implies high aesthetics β€” as one of its most important components. After all, God – in the Aspects of the Primordial Consciousness and the Holy Spirit-is precisely the subtlest Components of the Absolute! Therefore, in striving for Them, the various aesthetic components of our existence should contribute precisely to the refinement of the minds of adepts! It can be works of different genres of art, and harmonious communication with nature, with animals, with aesthetically developed people, and even beautiful eroticism. But-without exaggerations and sweetness!

    And a very valuable piece of God's advice: don't want more from the world of matter than you have!

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