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  1. Religious knowledge and scientific knowledge are different forms of human thinking, and therefore it is incorrect to compare them.

    The fundamental difference between religion and science is the presence of faith, the unconditional acceptance of certain information about the world around us (for example, the existence of God). There is something similar in science — axioms-but even their existence is defined as permissible, abstract. In Christianity, the existence of God is a dogma, an a priori, unconditional knowledge.

    The statement given in the question is not true.

    However, if it were formulated like this: “Pagan religions” hit the wall of ” understanding the world around us and Christianity became a way out of the crisis?”. Then the answer would be “yes”. Because Christianity has become a qualitatively better religion, transmitting the ideas of humanism and the idea of the God-man.

  2. Vps is incorrectly formulated.

    Ancient thinkers “hit the wall” in the sense that they did not come, did not add experimental methods of verification and cognition to their thinking. This has nothing to do with the creligia, and Christianity is not on its side.

    The triumph of Christianity is quite another phenomenon. The Christian religion was more convenient and clear than the old polytheism. And most importantly, she brought a message of mercy about posthumous justice and retribution, about the immortality of the “soul”, and gave comfort to the suffering and destitute. Finally, this religion has managed to find a good organizational framework for the united church, rather than the disjointed, almost unconnected communities of the old religions.

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