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  1. Is it true that her eyes are like two mists, that my edge is pensive and tender, and copper flows from the maple leaves? These are all bright means of artistic expression. If only everything was so simple and it would be enough just to look into the eyes of a person and immediately everything is clear. Oh, they would have healed… But, unfortunately or fortunately, the human soul is dark, and a glance is not enough to understand a person, everything is much, much more complicated.

  2. The eyes are the mirror of the soul. What nonsense ! Eyes are a deceptive mask, eyes are screens that hide the soul. Mirror of the soul-lips. And if you want to know the soul of a person, look at his lips. Lovely pale eyes and predatory lips. Girlish innocent eyes and lecherous lips. His eyes were friendly and friendly, and his lips were pursed in a dignified way, with the corners turned down in disgust. Watch out for eyes ! Because of the eyes, it is so often deceived in people. The lips are not deceived.

  3. When you're happy, your eyes don't lie !! And when it's bad, they reflect it. And the nuances can be played.. A person is involved in the game of life. We complicate things ourselves. (I think so).

  4. For those who can look and see, yes.

    Facial expressions can be mastered and well represent the necessary emotions, but with the eyes it is very difficult: you need to really experience the feelings that you want to convey.

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