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  1. It is true that money is an essential part of life. If you are not a hermit,you need money. You exchange first, second, and third necessities for them. If you determine the right place for money in your life – the question is the MAIN THING-NOT THE MAIN THING is no longer worth it)

  2. When there is nothing to eat and there is no home-yes. In other cases, the person begins to understand that there is something more important than money. There is love, friendship, kindness, mutual assistance, creative realization, there is a soul that needs a positive life experience.

  3. Those who say that money is not the main thing, just do not have a lot of money and do not know where to spend it. Thanks to money, you live in a warm, heated apartment with water. The more money, the better the apartment/house. Thanks to money, you eat well and dress well. If you have extra money, then you can save it or invest in real estate, and then you can not be afraid of losing your job, because there will be a money parachute. If you have money, you can change your profession to the one you want or focus all your attention on your hobby, so that it becomes a matter of life. And if you earn money through a hobby, you will never work a day in your life. Thanks to money, you can travel around the world. You can move to another country. You can help others. Thanks to money, you can arrange a comfortable life for your children, hire a bunch of tutors and get them into a good university. You can also use money to buy a lot of cool things.

    And you don't have to be a billionaire. Leave your children a nice apartment as a legacy, and they won't have to spend their entire lives working at a job they don't like for the sake of a mortgage. They will be able to save money normally and increase the family capital in the future.

    With the help of money, you can do a lot both for yourself and for others. It is foolish to deny that they are not needed. If you have money and can stay out of work, then you don't need to ruin your health with hard work. You can go to the best doctors. You will have more time for hobbies. You can list a lot of them.

    After all, if money is not the main thing, then why do so many people complain about the job they don't like? Many people don't even have free time. They just come and sleep. Are you saying that a factory worker who comes home after a 12-hour shift will have more energy and time for spiritual development than a person who has the opportunity to earn a hobby and works less?

  4. Of course – true, but only in the life of “civilization”, that is, in the life of material-monetary-carnal.

    In the “civilized” life of a person, the main driving force, naturally and absolutely in everything, is money. No money, todas – on the street…

    And here, in the spiritual life (I consider it appropriate: real Orthodoxy), – the more perfect and perfect (without fanaticism), the less and less – dependence, on the launch pad, on which (not perfect) mom and dad-came together…

    I propose a detailed work on this topic: the book “Under the caring hand of the Creator” (https://ridero.ru/books/pod_zabotlivoi_rukoi_tvorca/https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kLsQz536zLg )

  5. This is a very controversial statement.

    Everyone determines the “main thing” in life for themselves, so money has a place to be the goal of an individual's life.

    Think of the word “money” as a projection of a material good.

    But do not forget that there is also a spiritual part in life – something that money cannot buy inside you.

    I wish you the right guidelines in life that will help you achieve both material and spiritual benefits!

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