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  1. It is not sad, but often too kind people do good deeds for selfish purposes. Society may have a negative attitude towards this.

    In addition, it is not uncommon for the virtues themselves to suffer, even if they help from the bottom of their hearts. For example, others start using it, knowing that they will not be denied. This can lead to loss of authority, income, and stress.

  2. Of course, as in that joke: “You are kind. This will come in handy in life. To others.” Since kindergarten, they teach us to share toys, and then they scold us – what are you doing, you simpleton, so the guys broke your toys for you. It is necessary to adhere to the golden mean-to change)

  3. Yes, sometimes kindness can hurt a person. For example, there are cases when people were involved in an accident, there were passing drivers who pulled people out of the car and tried to provide first aid unskilled instead of waiting for an ambulance. As a result, the victims of the accident received even more harm to their health, and those who, out of their kindness, decided to help, were punished in court with huge fines for life.

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