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  1. We continue to live after death. We move from the material world to the spiritual world. In the material world, we simply pass the test.

    This planet is the training ground, and we are just students.

  2. Of course, it is possible. Naturally, not in our usual physical form, but in a different subtle material form. Most people doubt that this subtle world is real, hence the doubts and fear of death.

    But if you leave the position of denial, and start to study this topic closely, it becomes clear that there is something beyond our physical world. To understand the signs from that world, you need to adjust your consciousness to their perception, and this does not apply to the topic of faith.

    You can believe in something or not, and you can get confirmation in your life that the other world is real. This perception is developed by certain practices of expanding consciousness.

    However, for ordinary believers, the continuation of life is possible within the framework of the egregorial education, the faith or religion that they adhered to during their lifetime.

    That is, the soul of an Orthodox believer will merge into the egregor of Orthodoxy, the soul of a Buddhist will merge into the egregor of Buddhism, the soul of an atheist who does not believe in anything will either remain restless (not finding a place for itself), or will remain in the “nothing” that a person believed in, or other options are possible, much depends on a person's life.

    In general, there are many options for continuing life after death.

    And the best thing is not to deny and say that everything is nonsense, and there is nothing like that, but to study this issue from different angles.

  3. Life is just physical and chemical impulses and interactions in the brain. After death, necrosis occurs, the cells and tissues of the brain are destroyed, as a result of which you can no longer think. Accordingly, life after death is just a false, vile statement, invented in order to manipulate and control the human being

  4. The problem with the afterlife is to define the very concept of “life.” If we take the scientific definition, then there is definitely life after death. Life goes on and the death of a person does not affect it in any way.

    If we take the social aspect, then many individuals after the death of the physical body have a huge impact on the life of society.

    Thus, if we give some definition of “life”, we will have to admit that there is life after death. There is no specific binding of the individual to the biological body.

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