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  1. Life is simple, because in order to live, you don't need to do anything.

    Life becomes complicated when we make demands on it.

    What will happen to our lives if for at least 1 day we just allow everything to be what it is without criticizing, complaining or evaluating?

  2. The relationship between the internal and external world of a person:

    Consciousness is the inner World of a person, and the World around us – “being” – is the external one. A person interacts with the surrounding World and learns about it. All knowledge about the World around us is in the inner World of a person, that is, in the Soul. It is the Soul that keeps all the knowledge and all our experience acquired for further incarnations. Man is a descendant of the Gods, who from birth is endowed with all the fullness of knowledge. But a person has the freedom to choose how to get this knowledge. The first way is to know yourself, and the second way is to know the World around you without knowing yourself.

    The first method gives you complete knowledge about the world around you. The second method of cognition is limited to the senses of the physical body, and does not give a complete holistic view of the World. External cognition allows a person to gain knowledge about it, adapt to it, comprehend its laws, conduct successful activities, develop memory and form the mind. All academic science adheres to the second way of knowing the World and is guided by it.

    Knowledge allows you to have a correct worldview and consciously understand the processes taking place in the reality around us. Knowledge is power. To possess knowledge means to possess the essence of the subject and its phenomena, expressed in the form of the meaning of a sign or symbol. To gain knowledge, a person must first learn to think. Learning to think or teach someone is not an easy task. The main difficulty is that until the person himself wants to wake up from his sleep, forcibly waking up will do him harm.

    All this is our earthly Life. Think about what I have written and you will understand that Life is difficult. Difficult and long. If you go the way of knowing the World and improving yourself as a descendant of the Gods. If you preserve your Family and continue it with dignity.

  3. Someone asked the sage:

    — What is your secret? What is your discipline?
    He replied:
    — I live a normal life — this is my discipline. I eat when I eat, sleep when I sleep, and do business when I do business.
    The questioner was puzzled:
    — But I don't see anything special about it.
    The sage said:
    “That's the whole point. There's nothing special about it.
    The questioner was still puzzled:
    “But everyone does it: they eat when they eat; they sleep when they sleep.
    The sage laughed and said:
    – no. When you eat, you are doing a thousand things at once and therefore not one is perfect:
    You think, dream, imagine, remember. You don't just eat. When I eat, I just eat: then there is only food and nothing else. When I take a walk, I take a walk and enjoy the walk. There is only a walk – and nothing else!

    PS. You can live simply, but you can complicate everything to the point of obscenity. Although, of course, if “difficult” in the question means “hard, hard”, then my answer is off-topic.

  4. Life is different. It can be very simple, it can be very difficult, and we create complexity and simplicity with you. For everyone has their own and unique life, and there will be no other life. We go on our own path from birth to death and beyond the threshold of death, and this path consists of a large number of our choices, decisions of our mind, feelings and will. In addition, we are influenced by other people, the environment, upbringing, and so on. All this together forms what we call “life.” Therefore, it will be different for everyone – someone will simplify it, and someone will complicate it.

  5. The question doesn't have an answer, because it doesn't contain a question. Life is neither simple nor complicated, it is what it is. Is it like asking “is black a good thing or a bad thing”? It's just black.

    First. If a person has such a question , they don't have the basic concepts in their head. There are no basics. A person is not formed as self-aware. Explain something to him-he will not understand.

    Second. If a person asked this question to catch “lulz” – he is also mentally disabled. Compensating behavior. It is all the more useless to answer.

  6. Why are there so many pointless questions on this site? And all of them go to the top. There is no philosophical significance to this question, dear commentators, this is just another mess in the pile.

    Life is simple or complex individually. For fools-simple, they do not think about anything, do not notice something, it is easier to bear failures. For smart people, it's difficult. As a rule, they want to constantly improve the conditions of their life and the lives of their loved ones. On the way there are always obstacles that must be overcome. Not everyone is overcome.

    But this does not mean that there are no unhappy fools or happy smart ones.

    I will not say that a person is capable of regulating life by himself. That's not so.

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