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  1. Your life is your choice. Many people prefer to complain rather than act.

    In addition, there are always specific situations with specific reasons. You need to find them in order to understand why everything happened this way.

  2. Life itself, in its subjective understanding by a Person, is certainly unfair. This is obvious and clear. But, from the point of view of determinists (I belong to them), the development of the universe and the World in general follows certain laws and rules. I think we do not understand and do not know the very essence of the existence of life: why we live, why, for what… and from this point of view, the term justice does not exist at all. Is it fair that water boils and evaporates at 100 degrees Celsius, but iron does not? It is so laid down and arranged by nature, the universe (God-if it pleases believers), and so on and so forth. We (life) are also part of the universe. This is how our lives work. And there's nothing we can do. There is no justice.

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