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  1. Modesty of modesty is different. If a person does not advertise his merits, he acts wisely so as not to attract envious people. If a person gets confused at every question that is inconvenient for him, he simply does not perceive himself and others adequately, and under the most innocent question he may suspect something shameful.

  2. True modesty is not hypocritical snobbery! This is a very beautiful quality that only adorns a person. Why? Because it takes a lot of strength to admit your mistakes and understand the limits of your abilities. And this is real modesty!
    Such a person is pleasant to communicate with, because he treats others with respect. He does not behave arrogantly and does not expect special treatment. He recognizes that everyone has their own weaknesses and strengths.

  3. If we talk about modesty, then the first thing that baffles us is What is real modesty? MODESTY allotment of the necessary, no more!!! But no one wants to remove the excess! As a result of inflated desires. True modesty is a natural desire, an adequate person,and very normal!!!

  4. A strange question (unwittingly creating the impression of contrasting modesty with snobbery).

    After all, in fact, the visible (external) restriction of a person's manifestation of “himself” by his behavior in society is considered modest (naturally considered “positive”). Snobbery, on the other hand, is ostentatious exaggeration of “oneself” (one's qualities and achievements), which is naturally assessed as “negative”by society.

    However, I hope you understand that all people are different and that for one person “obviously below the norm”, then for another it can be an “unattainable ideal”. That is, quite natural modesty of a well-developed person can easily be evaluated by others as “showing off” (snobbish), and, on the contrary, frank ostentation (real snobbery), but not exceeding the average for a particular community of people, will most likely be evaluated by them as “modesty”.

    People's assessments of each other's behavior are so subjective, situational and subject to the “fashion” trend that I don't see it possible to say anything definite and objective about them (I don't judge them myself and I don't want others to).

    But if ostentatious (hypocritical, theatrical) modesty (and in fact real snobbery) I have observed it many times and can easily imagine why people want to look so ostentatiously modest (for the sake of “approval” in society). I can't even imagine “hypocritical snobbery” (a modest person who deliberately plays a “snob” in front of others) (I don't understand what “benefits” can be obtained from such “hypocrisy”).

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