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  1. After the sensational battle against Jonnyboy, which, at the moment, has gained more than 20 million. After viewing it, it was actively discussed in the United States and, especially, in Canada.

    The battle project-King of the dot (Canada, just the same), for example, was already interested in Versus, who, in turn, were ready to bring Miron to a meeting against their favorite – Dizaster. But, most likely, the second one will show up in Russia for such an event.

    At least in a narrow circle of this industry, it is definitely popular.

  2. I don't know about the popularity, but on the Internet, you can find a bunch of his songs with rhyming English subtitles and battles by the way, too, once I showed my English friend one such clip and he really liked it, said that it was very similar to British rap and Eminem, later I noticed that he bought GorGorod. So I think there are fans everywhere.

  3. This is a general degradation. This kind of music is only listened to by people whose minds are approximately at the level of the bottom of the Mariana Trench. It is a pity that the listeners (untermenschey) so much.

  4. Only among Russian speakers. We, in Prague, he was with a concert, no one, except visitors from the CIS was not at the concert. And there weren't too many of them. The club is small.

  5. I have a friend from Australia, so I was surprised when I found out that she listens to Oxymiron. By the way, she's been listening since she just happened to come across his songs…

  6. I have a Hindu cousin.I've heard about Oxymiron, and he even had one track on his playlist – Russian Cockney. How he found out about it – he says he doesn't know:/

  7. Yes, he is known, as they said above that the concert in England, Portugal, and also his battle with Jonnyboy is known in Canada and many other countries in their rap get-together.

  8. Yes. He recently announced concerts in Europe, the UK, Portugal.

    Perhaps the halls will not be the largest, but the fact is that there are sales, people are waiting for it.

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