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    There are innumerable such questions and there are also my answers. As for the” scientific point of view ” on what is considered law, there is no such point of view. The semantic content of the concept of “scientific law” is dealt with by the methodology of science, a philosophical discipline. And its data is not amenable to experimental verification.

  2. Philosophy as the history of philosophy, i.e., its historical development “in itself”, is undoubtedly a science-a theory in general, expressing the understanding of nature, society(the history of mankind) and consciousness(thinking) in the most abstract form, but at the same time the most concrete in essence.Without a similar methodology, i.e. without a theory consisting of a set of the most general laws of development (dialectics) of all three above-mentioned areas of the existence of the material world, no applied science is unthinkable as a true science.In other words, to understand the essence and forms of the objective world, including consciousness(thinking)as reflections of being (existence), we must turn to the history of philosophy (theory).All philosophical concepts of the past, present and, unfortunately, the near future represent and will continue to represent,as individual, isolated teachings, the experience of discoveries and delusions, but from the point of view of the whole, their unity represents the knowledge of the concrete in essence.Yes, people are afraid of the abstract form of concrete knowledge, but there is no other way to knowledge and there will never be.It's hard to learn, but it's not scary in battle. All three laws of dialectics are a science, where one of them is the law of negation of negation,i.e. the recognition that any historically and logically existing form of being and consciousness is transitory in space and time(in motion, in development).The laws of dialectics are revolutionary, self-sufficient, and do not need any laws over themselves.I hope I've satisfied the public's curiosity for a while?!

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