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  1. Does God eat sausage? Does he have wrinkles on his forehead? How often does he go to the bathroom, and with what? Does he read newspapers? Is he a liberal or a conservative? Or maybe God is a black woman? Does God have a runny nose? Which does he prefer, ice zepelin, or Vine?�

    Well, komon, it's good to make God exactly the same idiot in the flesh that you are. Do you understand the term “absolute”? Can you imagine? Is the absolute racist? Eats infinity sausage?

  2. This post of mine is an answer to the original version of the question, which sounded like: “Is God a racist?” When I answered, there was no definition of “Christian” in the question text. It was added there later, either by the author of the question or by the moderator. I believe that it is not fair to make such key changes in the text of the question after the answer is received.

    “Is God a racist?”

    No, it is not.

    “O people! And fear your Lord, Who created you from one man, and made him his mate, and made many men and women descended from both of them. Fear Allah, in Whose name you ask one another, and be afraid of breaking ties of kinship. Indeed, Allah is watching over you. “(Surah “Women”, verse 1).

    That is, we humans are descended from one person. This means that in the sight of Allah, no one has an advantage over another person in terms of their origin.

    “It is He who created you from clay…”(Surah “Cattle”, verse 2).

    That is, the basis of all people is one material-clay. This means that in the sight of Allah, no one person has an advantage over another person in terms of his foundation.

    Then why do people have different skin colors?

    «Indeed, Allah, the Most High, created Adam from a handful that He scooped up from all the earth. And man appeared according to the earth from which he was created: red, black, white, and yellow. And some of them are soft, sad, bad and good.” (Sahih Ibn Hibban, 14/29, hadith: 6160. )

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