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  1. In many religions, the concept of paradise is similar. Most often, paradise is described as a kind of wonderful garden, where believers, righteous people can enter after death, and where various benefits will be available to them. But there are some differences that are important for drawing up an idea of religion as a whole. I'll try to give the main ones:

    • In Christianity, in paradise, you can meet your deceased loved ones, there are angels, there are no diseases and grief. In addition, in Christianity, paradise is still primarily a city, although with its own gardens. Those who enter paradise are blessed, but they remain servants of God and serve him;

    • In Islam, paradise is a shady garden with many springs, where the righteous can rest and enjoy various benefits. Here are delicious dishes, and houris-beautiful paradise maidens, generous in carnal pleasures, and luxurious tents, and expensive clothes, and jewelry, and as the highest bliss – meeting with Allah. In short, the concept of paradise in Islam, after all, is more material, more carnal, more connected with physical pleasure. By the way, in Islam there is no such distance between God and man as in Christianity;

    • In Buddhism, heaven (like hell) is not one; it is more accurate to say that there are several “worlds” available to believers after death. There are “worlds” (although it would be more correct to call them states) in which you can experience spiritual joy, there are-full of completely human passions, but the main thing that distinguishes the idea of paradise in Buddhism from other religions is that it can be achieved “alive”, during meditation (which is why I pointed out above that here paradise is more of a state than a place).

    Slightly different descriptions of paradise can be found in mythology:

    • So, in East Slavic and East Polish mythology, there is such a thing as Iriy – a kind of earthly paradise, the land of wintering snakes and birds (by the way, Slavic mythology is not alien to the identification of birds and snakes with the souls of the dead). Iriy is a Garden of eden, located either in the sky or under the ground, where you can get (according to one of the ideas) through water-a pool or a whirlpool;

    • Elysium is a paradise in ancient mythology, similar in description to the Christian paradise. These are gardens or shady alleys where spring reigns forever, and the righteous spend their time organizing musical evenings and sports competitions.;

    • In ancient Egypt, the fields of Ialu are a kind of paradise that the righteous can enter after the judgment of Osiris. They are fields where wheat and barley grow of great height, surrounded by a metal wall and an infinitely wide river, protecting the fields from snakes and predators. In the fields and fields, the righteous grow, cultivate, and harvest wheat and barley.

    Valhalla and Folkwang – a paradise in German-Norse mythology-stand out a little. Odin rules Valhalla, and Freya, the god and goddess of war, rules Folkwang.

    Only a warrior who had fallen on the battlefield, committed a ritual suicide, or endured the execution of a “Blood Eagle” could get into one of them.

    One half of the warriors went to Valhalla and the other half to Folkwang. Unfortunately, the principle of this “distribution” is not known; we can only assume that warriors were distinguished according to which military cult – Freya or Odin – they belonged to. According to some reports, the Folkwang could also be visited by women who died heroically.

    So, if the image of Folkwang is quite traditional – a hall in which immortal warriors could enjoy the well-deserved peace and company of a beautiful goddess (Freya is the goddess of both war and love), then Valhalla is a slightly different place.

    In Odin's hall, warriors fight each other every morning, after which the wounded are healed and the dead are raised, and they all feast at the common table, and at night beautiful maidens come to them.

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