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  1. The laws of physics describe how reality works. Even if we assume that reality is absolutely true, but they describe it with a certain accuracy, not with absolute accuracy.

  2. At least in our universe.�

    Wikipedia says: Gravity (attraction, universal gravitation, gravitation) (from Lat. gravitas is a universal fundamental interaction between all material bodies. In the approximation of low velocities and weak gravitational interaction, it is described by Newton's theory of gravitation, and in the general case it is described by Einstein's general theory of relativity. Gravity is the weakest of the four types of fundamental interactions. In the quantum limit, the gravitational interaction must be described by a quantum theory of gravity that has not yet been developed.

    Newton's theory of gravitation and relativity�Einstein's laws have been repeatedly proved and, accordingly, are not questioned, as is the law of universal attraction itself. �

    But let's not forget that nothing can be said with absolute certainty.

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