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  1. Both , yes. And the passage of time is determined by the expansion of space. And the expansion of space can set the course of time. What is the cause and what is the effect, science does not yet know. I tell you in detail.

    As Stephen Hawking said the past is fundamentally different from the future in three ways:

    • Psychological arrow of time. We remember the past, but we don't remember the future. Information can only be transmitted forward in time.

    • Thermodynamic arrow of time. Increase in entropy. As time passes, chaos increases, not order.

    Cosmological arrow of time. The universe expands over time, not contracts.

    As for the effect of expansion on time. It turns out strange in the universe. The space of the universe is expanding and even accelerating, and the speed of light is always a constant. The speed of light, like any other speed, is the ratio of the distance between control points S and time T. Imagine the universe when its size was 50 times smaller and now. The distance between the control points increased by 50 times, but the speed of light remained the same. Therefore, T in the denominator also increased by 50 times. One possible answer is that the expansion of the universe affected the passage of time.

  2. The question is classified as philosophy, but the answers are given from a scientific point of view. I think this is incorrect. Why is it so. To begin with, time does not exist as a fundamental physical category in nature. The reason for this confusion is to be found in the person. I will briefly note that the main way a person learns about the world is through comparison. They compare something with something, compare what is written in memory with what is there, and so on. Or take a look at the basic sciences-physics, mathematics, chemistry. Everywhere, equations are used for thinking, that is, they compare the left and right parts. Further. In nature, there are only processes (the classics spoke of the continuous movement of the mother) and nothing else. To compare the intensity of processes, you need mass and duration. I will immediately note that if there is no person, who will study and compare what? Here, to compare the intensity of processes, the concept of process duration was first introduced, and later it became synonymous with time. The term “time” originally meant duration (duration), and nothing more. In science, without duration, well, no way. Therefore, science will always and everywhere operate with the concept of “time”, which sows in the minds of people a false idea of this non-existent category. Now about people's heads. A person in everyday life also constantly compares. Compares what is remembered (experience) with what is there. Or some fragments of memory with others. Nature helps him in the comparison processes. Change of day, night, and seasons. We are children of nature and cannot imagine ourselves without these cycles. Again, combining the concepts of yesterday-tomorrow-spring-winter with the term time into synonyms. Although in fact, here we are talking about the duration. The number of revolutions of the planet around its axis. They say that this is a movement in time. No. This is the duration of a particular phenomenon or process. They also talk about the thermodynamic arrow of time-an increase in entropy. As time passes, chaos increases, not order. Let me disagree with that. What is life? This is the reverse process of entropy-the assembly of individual atoms and molecules of various stable biological structures.

    Sorry for such a long digression – now we return directly to the question.

    Since there is no time, the expansion of the universe and time itself have nothing to do with each other. This is a philosophy. But in the science of “physics” everything is possible, if you show a little imagination. Note that Einstein was far from a fool, and that is why he avoided the term “space” and used the term “continuum”to describe his theory. A continuum can have any dimension, and it admits the metric formalism if this continuum is defined appropriately. It's a bit like Everett's parallel world, where you can do anything that comes to mind. As they say – a trick, but nice. At this point, for some reason, few people pay attention. It is also absolutely unclear whether the universe is expanding in space or TOGETHER with space. Or again in some continuum.

    Therefore, the question itself is a scientific balancing act that has nothing to do with reality. I'm sorry.

  3. Time can be compared to money: there have been many exchanges on the market since time immemorial: an awl for soap, a scythe for a goat, etc. But then people came to the conclusion that a universal equivalent of value is needed, and they called it – “Mane” or “Grivna”, that is, mink skin. This was the first money. And then, as the market expanded, gold became the money. The bottom line is that there was a measure of all things, which also somehow slowly evolved.

    Now, time in the universe is also the measure of all things, just like money in the market… With the expansion of the market, the prices of goods change , that is, the value of money expressed in any commodity equivalent changes… but in general , it is the same for all products except imported ones. Similarly, as the universe expands, Time changes, which is equally measured by any clock… or many local clocks, but not far away…

    Well, then fantasize for yourself…

  4. If space expands, then logic tells us that this expansion must occur somewhere. That is, if, for example, a weather probe inflated in a room expands, then the internal space bounded by a rubber or plastic shell expands. Expands in what ways? In the space of the room.

    So, if we say that space is expanding, then in what other space does this happen?

    The increase in volume should occur at the expense of another, at the expense of reducing the other.

    Outer space is eternal and infinite. This means that neither in time nor in volume it has no boundaries. To say that infinity can expand is like saying that the leaves that fall in the fall will return to the branches in the spring.

    Now let's talk about time. Time has very little relation to space. May Einstein forgive me. However, he himself said that ” space and time are the principles of our thinking, not the conditions in which we live. Space-time does not claim to be on their own existence as such, only on the role of the structural quality of the field.”

    Thus, space-time is our mental abstraction, an assumption for studying the physical laws of the universe at the lowest-physical level. There is no time on the higher planes of existence. Time is a sequence of events for a person's physical consciousness in the phenomenal world.

  5. Almost a hundred years ago, Eddington put forward the arrow of time theory,which until now no one has thoroughly refuted.According to this theory, time is the reverse side of entropy.It is opposed by the theory of time as an expanding four-dimensional space-time,which is much less convincing, but more fashionable.

  6. Meaningless statement of the question.
    And there is nothing to expand in space except matter and time, the essence is a comparative, quantifiable characteristic of the speed of physical processes
    in matter located in space.
    Matter is secondary to space, does not determine the properties of space in any way, space, on the contrary, directly regulates the dimensionality of matter, while time is tertiary to matter because it is a comparison
    of cyclic processes occurring in the latter. Time, like temperature, is not present in space or in matter as a real object or process, but is the result of a subjective choice of the cyclic processes being compared.
    Processes that require not “time” to run, but the freedom of movement that space provides.

  7. I'm not a physicist or an astrophysicist, but let's talk about the essence of this topic. In scientific circles, there are many hypotheses about the expansion of space. One of them is that it is generally assumed that space is expanding, because when analyzing the light spectrum of galaxies, a red shift is detected, i.e., an elongation of the light wave is detected. But there is another opinion – redshift is caused by the loss of light energy, the attenuation of a light wave, when it passes through a space of hundreds or even millions of light-years. This is similar to throwing a rock into a quiet and large pool, and you will see that the height of the waves, at first large, gradually becomes smaller as you move away from the place where the stone falls, and the wave barely reaches the walls of the pool. Therefore, we, with our imperfect instruments, cannot detect the faint light from super-distant galaxies. Too few photons reach us. As for the existence of photons of light themselves, this is another topic.

    Now let's look at what time is. It is generally accepted that matter (stars, planets, asteroids, nebulae) consists of atoms, and those, in turn, consist of subatomic particles ( protons, neutrons, electrons, quarks, mesons, etc.). and they all have motion. I.e., they all have energy to move. But, once there is movement, then various processes occur: collisions, energy exchange, attraction, etc. Infinite universe ( it is soulless-nature! ) is indifferent to these processes. It's like a rock that doesn't care what they do with it, whether they roll it or split it……. But here comes a man who cares and needs to survive. He discovers the cause-and-effect relationships of natural processes and invents time. How he came up with it, you can read in Wikipedia. I like.

    But let's touch on time again. In science, there is such a thing as absolute zero, it is -273 seconds. It is argued that this is the temperature limit at which subatomic particles still retain minimal energy (motion). What's next in the negative? If energy is lost, movement is also lost. Peace! There are no processes involved. The entire space is in a state of thermodynamic equilibrium. Well, if there is rest, then there is no time as a component of speed. Forever!

  8. “Chaos increases over time, not order” is not logical….

    since going to the forest, you will not stumble there, for example, on such a complex machine as … x-ray analyzer…

    That is , if entropy increases, then the order increases…

    here we specifically get – a machine sprayed on molecules is a large degree of order…

    So don't repeat the discrete thinking of barbarian artisans in their secondary languages….

    Their stupidity… it can be so pretentious … and, precisely as a result of pretentiousness, it appears to individuals who are not familiar with the feeling of enjoying the stresses of the work of the intellect – wisdom…

    Stephen Hawking was a disabled visionary… … nothing more …

    The universe is a single whole … the question of this or that phenomenon is absolute … it is a matter of observation, it is all a single entity of the universe …

    live our Russian mind…

    * For example, the craftsman, Arthur Schopenhauer.. he created a whole philosophical treatise on what is clear to us even to a child … The universe is one…

  9. the universe is binary-energy and matter . first came energy, and then matter.then there is an infinite transition of energy to matter and matter to energy ( black holes). when energy passes into matter and vice versa, TIME appears . there is a transition-there is TIME, no transition – there is no TIME . TIME is not constant . the maximum value was after the Big Bang . when the stars go out and the bright universe disappears, when EVERYTHING decomposes and turns to dust, there will be no transition, TIME will be equal to-0. the END OF TIME will come . everything is simple. . .

  10. No not detected! Time is a man-made artificial system. In reality, there is only the duration of processes that depends on external conditions (for example, gravity). Space is only a volume and has always existed and always will. If there was no space or time before the big bang, then where was what exploded and how was it formed if there was no time. Only Ron could have come up with this nonsense. Einstein.

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