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  1. Dark matter is real and this is practically proved on the basis of the Virial theorem and observations of the velocities of stars in galaxies and galaxies in super clusters. In addition, reliable data are obtained from simulations of the observed gravitational lensing caused by the mass of dark matter in super clusters. I am surprised at the skeptics who claim otherwise. You can believe it or not, depending on your level of competence, but if you need to calculate something related to the mass of galaxies or galaxy clusters, then all modern reference books have LONG been given all the masses taking into account the contribution of dark matter. Dark matter has already been introduced into modern cosmology as a necessary element in the evolution of the universe. For example, the energy density of dark matter in our galaxy is estimated as 0.38 ± 0.04 GeV / cm3. This is a huge number. Pay attention to the accuracy.

    The problem is not the existence of dark matter, but the nature of dark matter. It is still unknown. But this is a common phenomenon in particle physics. Neutrinos, too, were first predicted only theoretically (Pauli) from the law of conservation of energy in beta decay, and recorded much later. Direct detection of dark matter particles is orders of magnitude more difficult by definition. But there are a lot of groups working on this and it is considered the front of experimental particle physics today.

  2. It is difficult for me to answer your question, because I do not know what would serve as proof for you of the presence of this very matter.

    Are there any photos of this dark matter itself? No.

    Do we see the attraction of this matter? Yes.

  3. Yes, they took it and proved it with pitchforks on the water why lie like the last vulgar woman you show this dark matter and do not draw a conclusion about what is not known why not ETHER, because it does not directly follow mediocre and not dark matter for academicians who push it obviously really want to conjure black energy black matter black holes well, not just physics, but magic for witchcraft,

  4. The problem is not the existence of dark matter. The problem is that we get experimental data that doesn't match up with the theory. And if only this problem was with galactic rotation. We would use, for example, MOND (Modified Newtonian Dynamics). And we would try to guess why this is happening. But everything, apparently, is much more complicated. Therefore, today the” working “name of the catastrophe is “dark matter”.

    But there is a lot of experimental data (in order to understand that something is happening), and little (in order to understand what exactly is happening). In fact, only two solutions are considered: incorrect equations (fewer physicists), and additional entities (more physicists). To some extent, the situation is similar to the “Ultraviolet Catastrophe” of the last century. Therefore, a genius is expected to come up with a solution.

    The hypothesis of “dark matter” is also far from perfect. Moreover, its distribution will need to be explained…

    It is very possible that there is a third way. So go ahead! Go for it. Maybe it is you who will solve this mystery.

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