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  1. The question of the meaning of life is still relevant. Technologies are developing, the number of scientific discoveries is growing, but people still do not know how and why to live.

    PsychiatristViktor Frankl believed that a person needs a goal in life, otherwise he will face an existential vacuum. This point of view is supported by me: after all, why get up in the morning if there are no plans for life? In one of the lectures on the TED platform, it was said that older people who were motivated to live showed better physical and psychological indicators. Life becomes more interesting and easier when you realize that your life has meaning. Maybe it's family, maybe it's self-development, maybe it's hedonism, but the essence is the same everywhere – to find yourself in this world.

  2. The importance of any question (anything) is given not by time, but by a specific person.

    If this question is important to you, then it is important.

    Experience shows that there are eternal questions that concern people at all times, because each person should look for an individual, personal answer to these questions. The question of the meaning of life is one of these.

  3. it is not important for the robot, because it has no meaning, and it does not live, it follows the program. for a person, the meaning of life is always important, determining his way of life.

  4. I don't understand.

    And what does it have to do with… “our time”?

    We're what…are we living in some kind of meaningless time?

    The meaning of life does not depend on time at all.

    Because it is different for each person…regardless of the time in which he lives.

  5. The question is, of course, important. It is only necessary to divide it into two components, wash away the life of our civilization, the entire community, and the life of the individual. It's easier with an individual. In a general sense, the meaning of its existence is to be part of the general, and, of course, everyone determines the priority of their life for themselves, which has no meaning for society. But the meaning of the existence of Homo sapiens without God can not be deduced. If you look at it, there is no meaning to life in a society of materialists, such a society is doomed to struggle for existence, and God knows how this may end. But why God needs us, this knowledge is closed to us, and we will never get an answer to it. Here everyone can think to the best of themselves, as I did in my book “The Theory of Everything that is not.” Calmly, without mysticism and fanaticism, guided only by logic and expediency. And everyone can also solve this issue. We'll never know for SURE anyway.

    1. The importance of something, each of us determines for himself. This is a value judgment.

    2. The answer to this question depends on who you think you are.

    There are only two options:

    I am the body;

    I am the soul.

    1. If I am the body, then life can have no meaning. Because the inevitable result of such a life is humus, fertilizer.

    If I am a soul, then there is meaning and it is important.


  6. Questions about the meaning of life begin to disturb people who are well-fed, who have access to all their desires.
    Now the most important question that worries people is how to survive in this inhumane system, where to find a job with a good salary, how to survive on a meager salary, when almost any job is paid extremely low.
    It's not about the meaning of life.

  7. The meaning of life exists. But everyone should discover it for themselves. Everyone has their own meaning, despite the fact that all such meanings are similar. The meaning of life is divided into 2 components-self-development and duty, One part of the meaning of life is self-development. The second is in the responsibilities that you assign to yourself. The responsibilities that others place on you are usually not related to the meaning of life, only those that are accepted voluntarily. For example, taking care of children, animals, and your business.

    Therefore, the question of the meaning of life is a matter of personal choice, it is an act of free will. Whoever is looking for it, they will definitely have it.

    That is why the meaning of life is not very dependent on external factors, you need personal motivation for its appearance. We know the unfortunate fate of many wealthy people who lost the meaning of life – they did not know what to strive for. And the difficult but meaningful fates of poor people who care about their children, animals, or their garden. Who do not have a fraction of a doubt that they have the meaning of life.

  8. This question is closed at the dawn of the existence of civilizations. There is no meaning in life, because there is no ultimate goal in it. Life is a process without beginning or end, as they say in the East, a path.

    Mostly, arguments about the meaning of life are a consequence of idleness, satiation, or, to put it in a modern way, a drop in the hormonal background, which is characteristic of adolescence. In short, the answer to this question is sought by people who do not enjoy the process of life.

    The question of the meaning of life has any value only for the individual in the process of his spiritual development.

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