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  1. The second commandment allows for a lot of interpretation. It can be understood as “do not depict any objects of the real world” – and then any Christian artist, sculptor or photographer violates it every day. But Christians in general (although it is clear that Christians are different and there are many of them) usually have a different interpretation in mind: God forbids worshiping and praying to images of living beings. This is a direct reference to the time when, before receiving the commandments, the Jews created a golden serpent for themselves and prayed to it.
    It would be possible to prohibit the portrayal of God and saints on this basis. But here Christians get out of it – it is believed that a person does not pray directly to the icon or crucifixion. He prays to God, and uses the icon simply as a hyperlink. Similarly, it is believed that all miracles do not come from images or saints, but from God, who uses various objects of the physical world to manifest his power.

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