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  1. There are no meanings in Nature, there are patterns of material transformations. Meanings are a product of human thinking, an attempt to understand, rationalize and formulate these patterns that exist objectively regardless of what a person thinks about it.

    What can a part think about the whole?

    And the part, if it really thinks “independently”, must think about how it can interact with the whole in unison with the laws of the whole, so as not to disappear.

    Therefore, the search for the meaning of existence is a search for an answer to the question how does humanity, as a part of the world, interact with the world?

    And since the search for meaning is conducted with the help of thinking, it is necessary to answer the question of what is thinking and what is consciousness, because thinking is a function of consciousness.

    Humanity cannot answer the question of how the world came into being. This is beyond the ontological cognitive capabilities of a person as a form of matter and as a part of the world. In the meantime, there are only fantasies about the origin of the world, on which the entire culture of humanity is created.

    But a person can answer the question of how the world works, because he is in constant interaction with the world. And he answers the question of the form of searching for the meaning of his existence.

    The very problem of human search for meanings is caused by the limitations of the anthropocentric concept of the world order that humanity created at a time when the Earth still stood on three whales, and it cannot go beyond the mental boundaries of this concept.

    The problematic postulates of this concept are the idea of the boundary between the thinking and active and subjectively acting person and the objectively existing material world, this is the idea of humanity as a single thinking subject. Humanity is not a single thinking and acting subject, acting consciously and thinking about the meaning of its existence. Humanity is not an independent subject, but a part and phenomenon of the material world, the existence of which is subject to objective natural laws.

    A person went into near space technically and physically, but did not go into big space mentally. The noosphere of humanity is gradually expanding, but modern philosophy needs a new, non-anthropocentric concept of the world order, and a new concept of man, for the further development of humanity.

    A person must learn to think realistically, not fantasize, and must come to terms with the idea that there will never be final answers, there will be a constant series of questions.

  2. Meaning is there where there is freedom. Just as much as an individual is free from humanity, there can be no universal meaning of existence that is obligatory for everyone. The meaning may not be mandatory.

  3. The common meaning of the existence of humanity lies in the existence of one person, so there is no common meaning, there is one for all, and I think it is in knowing yourself!

  4. The existence of the meaning of existence significantly limits the existence of obstacles to existence, which is confirmed by the existence of the essential. What else can you say about existence?…

    Im. – Rod. – Vin. – Dat. – Tv. – Predl.

  5. Those people who painted pictures with their own hands, made toys for children or other crafts know what kind of light comes from their work, if everything is done with love. Even potatoes planted with their own hands, and then collected and re-planted and re-assembled saturates much more and becomes tastier. With this light, we are called to change the structure of the universe, filling It with the fragrance of love. So that the Light of the Father would not be scattered in the universe, He created Humanity as a set of small mirrors that do not allow Light to be scattered to nowhere. With denser energy, Humanity is able to transform matter. But everyone has the freedom to choose-heat or cold, light or dark. All of us are not perfect, we rush in different directions. But what matters is which vector wins.

  6. The general meaning of humanity's existence is the evolutionary development of civilization. It seems the question is as clear and simple as the answer.

    But how, by raising the standard of living of the growing population of the Earth, to stop environmental pollution and dangerous climate change?

    The old methods are not effective. It is necessary to develop new consciousness and perception. Planet Earth is a single organism-wholeness, and we are part of the whole-one. Wholeness of worldview, wholeness of perception, wholeness of attitude. Depth and scale of the view.

    What conditions during the crisis periods of civilization include the hidden potential or phases of planetary development: whether it is improvements in possible telecommunications, space flights and the first images of our planet, or global warming and other environmental threats to our human existence?

    And the task of each earthling is what result will be achieved, which depends on the choice, on the decision and on the position of the observer of each of us.

    When a person develops a whole empathetic view not only of the family, nation, state, but also of the Planet and the Universe as a whole , and then a larger-scale perception of responsibility for everything that happens on our Planet develops.

  7. Of course it exists! Absolutely everything has a purpose for which it exists, but not everything achieves that purpose. The same goes for the purpose (meaning) of humanity's existence. All the problems of finding such a meaning are related to the fact that it is not being sought where it should be sought. The meaning of existence of any creation is known only by its creator, only he knows why he created it. Humanity first excluded its Creator from the search for meaning, and then began to make titanic efforts to find the answer to the question of meaning where this answer initially could not be. Why then be surprised if the answer is not found in any way? It remains only to spend a completely meaningless life.

    But if we turn to the Creator, then the answer about the meaning of human life (in other words, why He created this humanity) lies on the surface! The answer is very simple-He created us FOR HIMSELF.

    Acts 17: 26-28 Of one blood He made the whole human race to dwell on the whole face of the earth, having appointed predestined times and limits for their habitation,
    SO THAT THEY MIGHT SEEK GOD, whether they might feel Him or find Him, even though He is not far from each of us:
    for by It we live and move and have our being.”
    Isaiah 43: 6-7 Lead my sons from afar and my daughters from the ends of the earth, every one who is called by my name, whom I have CREATED FOR MY GLORY, formed and arranged.

    Meanwhile, the glorification of God is also not a meaningless abstraction, there is definitely something to glorify Him for. Each person justly deserved punishment for his sins committed in thought, word, and deed, but God came in the person of Christ, went through the greatest torment and shame, and took the punishment we deserved on Himself, dying on the cross, so that we would not be tormented by conscience forever, but live with Him in love for Him and other people, because it is guilt that kills love, the basis of happiness. Isn't such a feat of love and self-sacrifice worthy of praise?!

    Hence the conclusion: if you have found God and glorified Him with your life – there is a meaning in your life, you have not lived your life in vain. If you did not find it and did not glorify it, then there was no meaning in your life, you lived your life in vain. The same goes for every person.

  8. This question is a question of the meaning of life. If you have found your meaning in life, then it seems simple. If you get lost on the way, then you can only throw up your hands.

    If the meaning of the life of one person is felt, then the meanings of the life of all people are felt and represent the combination, the sum of all meanings, the essence of humanity.

    In practice, people have been working on their meaning for a long time.

    This is “finding yourself” in business, after which you become successful.

    Or “being in the moment here and now”, “pure being of presence”, “I am”, etc. This is your meaning.

    Well, then your meaning begins to know directly what surrounds it. The common meaning of the existence of humanity and the universe. This leads to the Creator.

  9. Yes, I am convinced of that. Humanity is a single organism with its own health and problems. The general meaning of existence is the” progress “of the Earth, and for a single person, the meaning of life is “self-improvement”. Man is obliged to transform himself from an “animal-self” into a” creator-man ” (a perfect one who has learned all the secrets of Existence). Then Earth. after completing all the circles of its development, creating a “spiritual” being will complete its evolution, according to cosmic laws, and the “spiritual being” no longer needs a human form, will go to the infinity of space, create new worlds and planets. And now there is a test of people – “for humanity”. The “owners of money” on Earth no longer need money, because capitalism has come to an end. They only need power to enjoy the “bloody boys” to liberate the expanses of the Earth from people, leaving the necessary number of them “for the servants”. It's a pity that people don't see alternatives. And it is contained in the sphere of”reason”. The human mind (consciousness) has passed only the first stage of its development. The era of patriarchy ends: “Reason-leader”(king of the mountain-rational thinking-slave psychology), who created a one-sided technocratic civilization that is about to collapse and bury all living things under its rubble, ends its reign. Evolution cannot be stopped: the old slave consciousness is being replaced by a genuine light one. an enlightened human “MIND”. I really want people to wake up from their stupor and roll up their sleeves and clean up their little house called Earth. The “tools” for human transformation have long been prepared by our Greatest Spiritual Teachers. Explore, study the “Teaching of Living Ethics-Agni Yoga” /E. Roerich/ – the Bible for a person of the 21st century, where everything is said about the education and development of feelings necessary for penetration into the subconscious(knowledge of intuition – expansion of consciousness), where the “storage” of reserve capabilities of the human body is located. You should know that only 5-8% of the body's nerve cells are mastered by the human consciousness, and the remaining 92% are involved in the subconscious. As consciousness expands, the impassable wall between consciousness and subconsciousness that has developed during the rule of the patriarchy will disappear, and harmony between the hemispheres of the brain will also begin to be restored. Restored harmony will lead to the emergence of harmonious people-enlightened, reasonable, just, who will truly be “masters of the Earth”, wisely and lovingly engaged in its world order. Selfish reason solved the problem of destroying all life before prosperity and peaceful existence. Therefore, everything is in our hands. Our contemporary G. K. Elbert wrote about how to make a bloodless transition from our existing reality to a true reasonable reality in his monograph ” The New Economic Course is a chance for Russia and not only…”. And for a single person, he also created the monograph “Express method of self-hypnosis training”, following the precepts of which, anyone can” transform ” themselves in a fairly short time and see the real joyful reality that our ancestors commanded us.

  10. The explanation is very long, I will write briefly…

    Moreover, despite what seems clear, in fact, it is impossible to answer this question with the intellect (i.e., with words), because we are talking about something that goes far beyond the body, mind and will…

    So, the question is: Why is there a process of creating the universe?

    Answer: in order to separate what is outside of creation is united so that it can be studied. Sparks(souls) are involved in this process. They are given: will, mind, senses and different bodies, in order to learn the laws of the universe. As soon as they “learn the lesson”, i.e., the laws of nature, then they begin to feel that non-man-made light, which is spoken of in the holy scriptures of different religions. Simply put, the goal is perfection.

    Trace. Interesting question: Why perfect? This is a question for God. Ask him why he sent us here to suffer on this earth. Apparently, it is necessary to get some knowledge…

  11. Necessarily. And all people living on earth understand only one thing by this meaning – life. Life as a form of existence. Man has no other meaning than life itself. But it is important to separate the meaning from the goal. Meaning directly depends on knowing what life is. And this is where people face difficulties in determining. And, if it is impossible to define it, then it is impossible to use it as it should be. The word sense already indicates the way to go: with thought, that is, intelligently, rationally. Discovering the essence of life as you gain knowledge. Otherwise, the meaning of life will be secondary things that are not essential for a person, and not life itself.
    Man is a spirit being, and in his creation God gave us the ability to be intelligent and act according to his will.
    Life is the life of our will. And our will is our desires, desires, love. But love is not in feelings, but in deeds. That is, we do or wish to do only what we love. What we manage to do in reality, we call deeds, and what remains in intentions, we call dreams. Some people have the most absurd desires, and therefore, unfeasible and this is already a fantasy. But nevertheless, this is also the life of the will. And many people prefer intentions to business.
    But if a person sets a goal, then this is no longer the meaning,since the meaning is a broader concept, and the goal is only a part of it. Having set a goal, a person finds the means to achieve them. But speaking of goals, it is necessary to say that it is not the goal that matters, but the ways to achieve it. “Out of the good treasure of the heart a man bringeth forth good things, and out of the evil treasure he bringeth forth evil things.” For people who are relatively normal, these funds are in the zone of what is acceptable in society. They are regulated at the level of legislation and are regulated by legal norms. Even if a person harbors criminal intentions, he is held back by fear for fear of punishment . Another is restrained from criminal desires by the norms of morality, and still others avoid evil fantasies for other reasons.
    All people have a meaning of life and a form of being. From birth to death, a person is a form that represents his quality as a person. That is, a form of acceptance of truth and goodness. And the way of existence is the way of moving towards the goal set, that is, by what means the main goal of life will be achieved.
    And the meaning of life is common to all people, and the goals are different, so the ways to achieve them are different. Therefore, apparently, all people have a different meaning of life, but in reality, things that lead a person to the goal are different. Some people love fame and honors and find their love in the military field, in art, culture. Others love power and become leaders of varying degrees of importance. Still others love a rich life and also find opportunities to fulfill their desire. And so on ad infinitum : how many people, so many loves, as ways to get pleasure from your love. For love is pleasure, the pleasure of the will. Do you want some candy? Sure. No. It's from the movie “Don't Grieve”. This simple phrase says a lot : both the desire to get pleasure and the disappointment of not being able to get it.
    All people are looking for meaning in life, but this is the search for ways to achieve a goal. Understanding that life is a Divine gift of Love, which we must return to the Owner, multiplying it many times, we will live life with meaning. By spending one thing wisely and buying the other wisely. If in the process of being a person did not understand what life is, for what purpose it was given to him, then the meaning of existence is a closed door to a wonderful and beautiful world, the key to which is forever lost.

  12. A long question that, even in the case of a specific answer, will not lead to anything.
    Well, if only “a”…”
    This is a question for the creator, whether it is God, Nature, Being, or Tao…
    Who can say-I know, will deceive, because it is small.
    Someone will say that the Bible will help you, but he does not know the Bible.
    Someone will say-there is no point and lie.
    Everyone's CHOICE MAKES SENSE.

  13. Naturally, it exists. For the materialist, however, it is exactly the opposite. Indeed, if he believes that life originated from the chaos of “broth”, a horse jumped out of a trilobite, and a person branched off from a monkey, then the whole meaning of existence boils down to one thing – to a certain pattern of the development of matter.

    Man is not meat and bones, but first and foremost a spirit. The meaning of existence of everything in the universe is constant development and constant creativity. The human kingdom is one of the innumerable stages in the development of life. This is the eternal evolution of matter and spirit.

  14. Humanity exists to pump out minerals , as a labor force, on the Terra-Earth planetoid, when resources run out, humanity will no longer be necessary….

  15. God, according to the principle of the expediency of being and its knowledge, in the realm of Reason, Spirit-Consciousness, by means of the Word that was with God, created the universe in the image and likeness of his world, and in his image and likeness of Man on Earth in order to know himself and the world in general. Therefore, a person is a generator and receiver of fields of words-information or thoughts, that is, ordered one-dimensional quanta of information energy of verbal thinking of the mind, and a source-receiver of words-knowledge. A person, being a dual entity “living matter-verbal thinking” of a purposeful movement of forces-dimensions or laws of being, thinks on the basis of reason with amino acid verbal images-concepts or words-information, creating conclusions through reason, mind and long-term memory, realizing them with words that he creates through the speech apparatus of the body and body organs.

  16. The meaning ( on which the foundation of world religions is based ) is as follows. Everything that has a beginning has an end, but there are only three states and they are logically connected . in general, the goal of humanity is to get out of the dual pair of life and death and approach (or enter ) in superposition (the world of absolute altruism and love).

  17. If humanity exists, then there is a meaning to its existence. The word “s-thought”has the meaning of creating something with a real purpose, put by the Creator in his creation.

    The general meaning of humanity can be defined by the measure of planetary manvantar cycles, and it consists in differentiating the One into the many and returning to Unity again during the Circle (or seven Circles) of the planetary Manvantara.

  18. Life itself, in all its various manifestations, has not only an ordered and interconnected structure, but also a common meaning, purpose, and tasks.
    And humanity, as one of the manifestations of this diversity. It is no exception.
    And it occupies a certain niche, with its own goals and objectives.
    And only because of his own egoism and a vain desire to be the crown of nature, to be its conqueror, does a person easily accept the role of a reigning consumer and completely reject any, even the slightest hint of the role assigned to him in the Universe.

  19. In my opinion, there is no common sense of existence for all of humanity, no matter how unfortunate. In general, it's like biol. However, it is much more than useful, which clearly shows the current state of the planet. On the other hand, if we consider a single individual, then why not? I think that each of us knows more than one good person who brings great benefits to nature, society, science, etc. However, it is already worth raising the topic of ethics and what is useful.

  20. in what you like and what you would like to do in life that is in paradise enjoyment with yourself without sins not everyone can be able to live and this is exactly what a person should learn In a word to own a saber so that it is healthy and good not only for himself but also for his relatives and friends! Just find your vocation and recognition in the society that surrounds us, and the meaning should be found or come up with ourselves like how you would like and what you would like-go ahead!

  21. Yes. I am a believer, please let me show you what the book of life – the Bible-says. “Let's listen to the essence of everything: fear (deeply respect) Keep God and His commandments, for this is all for man” (Ecclesiastes 12: 3). God wants His creatures, people, to be happy, so He teaches useful things through the Bible. Of course, we all have the right to choose whether to obey God or not: “I call heaven and earth as witnesses before you today: Choose life, that you and your descendants may live, love the Lord your God, and listen to His voice…”

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