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  1. Most likely, they are connected by the fact that the “Slavic thin bodies” are a direct syncretic borrowing and new-age new-model bullshit.

    We took the chakras from Hindu yogis, screwed up their “Slavic” names and voila-we got a product that is very tasty for all sorts of neo-Pagans, Aryans, and other schizos.

  2. there are no chakras in Buddhism. this is a yogic concept and that… not every yoga school recognizes them. there is a certain concept of chakras in Vajrayana, but only a conditional gradation, and there they have the character of mental centers.�

    as for the Slavs… they did not have anything about yoga, chakras, Vedas in their courses, since Slavic and Indian cultures were not communicated … from the word “absolutely”. therefore, it was impossible for them to understand what was invented on another corner of the globe by someone who was not clear.�

    according to some chakra systems in shaktism (Shaivism) also 112, and in some cases 114, are added two beyond form and materiality.�

    and finally… there is nothing in common between the understanding of chakras and “spiritual bodies”, because the chakras – “wheel” – means the centers of certain energies in a person, these are not astral bodies or spiritual clothes.

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