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  1. As I understand it, the Overton window is a theory that can be used to destroy and undermine traditional foundations or break social taboos and norms.

    If we talk about the film “The Swiss Knife Man “in this context, we need to identify what exactly is”shifting” in it. Then you can note several topics such as: necrophilia (the main character in difficult conditions helps to survive the corpse, to which he has sympathy) and “everything that is natural for the physiology of our body is normal”, which means that you do not need to be shy.

    Such humor on the subject of our physiology is no longer new. Back in the 90's, we met him in American comedies, and the topic of necrophilia was also touched upon. If all this is summed up under the Overton window, then the stage of popularization of this was already in the distant 90s, which means: it is either still going on (as our film shows), or it is excessive suspiciousness.�

    If you take on the field of art (for example, cinema), you can find a bunch of examples under the Overton window, one Lars Von Trier will be worth a lot, but does it make sense?

    Art always broke down any barriers or spoke out on taboo topics, ✈

    You need to be able to separate the wheat from the chaff.

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