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  1. Every time I hear expressions like: “evolutionary expediency”, “evolution uses the material that is available”, “evolution has taken such and such a path of development” and many times td and many times tp, I ask myself the question, but why, in fact, did simple chemical elements that gathered in a “difficult pile” launch this very “evolution”, which now gave rise to reason, which now understands the expediency and” reasonableness ” of its evolution? Does evolution, as such, need intelligence at all? Heredity, variability, selection, adaptation, the struggle for survival, and so on, but what does it need intelligence for? It is clear that now we need intelligence to survive and live, but we have acquired it evolutionarily, being once ordinary animals. How could evolution have allowed a species to lose the qualities that ensure survival in an aggressive animal environment and instead acquire the opposite, but leading to the emergence of a “human” mind? Okay, what I mean by all this, but to the fact that I want to believe that in our universe “arises” what our universe is, there can be no other and the mind, in this regard, is the same” quality ” of the universe. I can't answer the question of what “higher intelligence” is, but there is “something” in the universe, I think. But this is my personal, non-authoritative opinion.

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