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  1. TNN-chan is not needed. But in fact, this is just such a roflya designation from the Internet. Anyone who doesn't need a love relationship (like me, for example) will not look for some philosophy in this, try to adjust it to some definition, etc.

  2. There are MISP (men going their own way), in the West they have the abbreviation MGTOW (men going their own way). So MISP has something like a division, they are called MGTOW monks (“MISP monks”). These people not only do not create families, but also do not enter into any relationships. But they can continue to engage in surrogate sex. But there are also people who abstain completely, and consciously, and these are not only monks, but also antisexuals, and just people who have realized that relationships are not particularly interesting to them compared to other things, and they do not engage in masturbation and other things out of respect for themselves and/or for religious reasons. There are also asexuals, but for them complete abstinence is natural, although at the same time they can enter into so-called romantic couple relationships.

  3. At a minimum, celibacy among Orthodox monks involves not only sexual abstinence, but also, in principle, the creation of relationships and families.

    I do not know how much this can be considered as abstinence from love as such, since it cultivates love for God and for one's neighbor.

    But this is still not a love relationship in the classical sense.

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