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  1. Everything is changing and therefore the era of postmodernism will sink into oblivion. This is in the future. And now you can't completely get out of it, but you can limit the access of postmodern art to your perception.

  2. Postmodernism is just a trampled-down platform of the world culture that is finally uniting. Где Where not just “everything is already done, everything is already written”. Where all cultured people know that everything has already been done and written.

    Accordingly, the” complete ” way out of postmodernism is islands of ignorance. At least-ignorance in the sense of global culture. �But in the limit – “not readers, but writers”. And, you know, such alternately gifted nuggets – they didn't know about transfer and retention, they don't know, and probably won't know! And they do not come across you too often probably because you do not read absolutely unfashionable things … yes, the same samizdats-but without recommendations and high ratings. �At least take the same soil dismemberers. отправиться And others “go to Comrade Hitler Stalin – and perelyudoedit native Sovkovoy Chekizdii for glory!”. Most of them not only haven't heard about world culture, but even 99% of the previous waste paper of their native “creative direction” – haven't read it!

    Another thing is not “a complete exit from postmodernism”, but something that grew up on its soil. This will happen if our civilization survives. Не Not immediately – and not very far from postmodernism.

    The fact is that more local “experiments” have already been conducted. �China, yes. Pre-Maoist (i.e., before the new barbarity, it was precisely “non-readers”) Chinese culture that relied entirely on uninhibited self-citations. �Pure postmodernism. From the time of Confucius to Chairman Mao. Свойство Property of an ancient culture that includes the cultures of conquered (China) or integrated peoples.

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