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  1. Absolutely exists.
    Within certain limits, you can do absolutely anything.

    Boundaries are the laws of nature, physics, people, logic, and so on.
    You can certainly run a red light, but this is hardly a criterion for freedom.

  2. Within the ideal world-thoughts, words, verbal constructions-of course. The flight of thought – both philosophical and scientific-is not limited by anything.

    Within the framework of reality, the only absolute freedom available to a person is the freedom to choose the method and time of his death.

    But it is the realization of this that opens up additional opportunities for life.

  3. Yes, but… but there is one serious “but”.
    Freedom is not a static concept, freedom is a dynamic concept, or in other words, freedom is your whole life, not just a small piece of it.
    Therefore, your absolute freedom rests on the consequences of your own decisions, because each of your actions/inactions has consequences, and you can not get away from them.
    And since there are no people on this planet without a past, this abstract absolute freedom for everyone living turns out to be limited by something.

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