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  1. At the moment, there are no experiments that correspond to the evidence-based norms accepted in the scientific community and actually show the existence of life after death. Separately, I want to note that there are no results that prove the opposite (the absence of something is difficult to prove in principle, but sometimes it turns out).

    Various religious movements claim that there is life after death and one should believe in it, but they also do not provide evidence. Everything is built solely on faith.

    Various magicians, sorcerers, hereditary witches and psychics have a lot of rituals to summon the spirits of the dead, who are ready to tell them the most terrible secrets. But something among these same magicians and fortune tellers are not yet found billionaires, and when real scientists appear with real devices, all the spirits quickly hide somewhere.

    Which of these is closer to you personally, decide for yourself.

  2. Life goes on forever,as the body's tissue dies out, the offspring remains, it creates a memory that continues what it started,the spirit returns to it. That's why new people have questions, hints, and sometimes mistakes.So a person learns and creates birth a new life THIS IS THE NEXT STAGE OF LIFE in a word a sign of infinity many are mistaken become charlotans that side does not give them life and peace in which they often lose ACCORDING TO THIS UNDERSTANDING IT IS A SIGN OF INFINITY MANY COME TO A DEAD END

  3. Probably there is… in any case, I really want to believe in it, to see my close mother, father, brother, daughter and most of all my dear Natasha… !!!! November 7 will be a year since she left this deceitful cruel world!!!!!!!

  4. Death – Change of dimension (c) When a caterpillar turns into a butterfly, it probably also thinks that it is dying? The same shell that is taken from the sea…it is beautiful and diverse in shape and it preserves the energy that is the sound of the sea….It seems to me that heaven and hell are a conditional concept Paradise should be in the soul of a person during his earthly life. We ourselves do not know how and for what purpose Man was created on Earth…Eat work love sleep save up money apartments cars dachas create your own clan that is a family and just go to the dust in the grave to the forefathers … hmm…I personally believe in the Immortality of the Soul! I believe that our Dear Souls are waiting for us! Dinosaurs are dead, civilizations are dead, Mammoths are extinct it's all sad to realize, of course, and many animal species are now also dying out. But the law of conservation of energy has not been abolished…Life in the memory of posterity… and if there are no such descendants and that there is no longer a person who loved created was in existence felt this existence grew old and died or suddenly died young without having had time to taste life? No…. there's something wrong here…No wonder all religions are based on the Afterlife…The souls of people should definitely live in the existence that they deserved while living on this earth….According to your faith, let it be done to you.

  5. there is only life and transformation. this has already been said thousands of times ! death is an illusion . that's all died around did life die from this ??? life is eternal , it has no beginning and no end. yes, there is a certain transition from one life to another. but this is a transformation. the word death doesn't exist it's made up!

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  1. It depends on your faith. Believing in life after death makes it much easier to leave – you believe that you will wake up in another life. And if you don't wake up, then it doesn't matter anymore – you fell asleep happy, and then there is no “you” who would be very horrified by the truth, simply does not exist. Profit. So, of course, it is better to believe – but not ostentatiously, but seriously – in life after death, than not to believe, so as not to darken the last hours and minutes of your existence, but to leave, in general, in joy. Dementia in this regard is a gift from the Lord: as one writer put it, a person simply does not really realize anything, falls into childhood, blesses himself, and no near-death horror.

  2. There is no afterlife after death. Reincarnation and even more so hell does not exist. A dead person decays and becomes part of the earth:” for you are dust, and to dust you will return ” (Genesis 3: 19). In the future, God will raise all the dead to eternal life on earth, just as He planned. For dead people, time does not exist, so the moment of death and resurrection stand side by side. He died and was immediately resurrected, no matter how many centuries passed. So I understood from the Bible.

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  1. What's the difference? one way or another, after death, it will not be me, not my self, but something else – a corpse in the grave, some new being without this “I”, or a soul deprived of all that is it here and now, pure consciousness, reason, etc.
    This is all not me and I can't be interested. I won't be here. The problem doesn't make sense, because only the meaningful has a meaning.

  2. Theoretically, this is possible. If we take as a basis that we all have a soul, which after earthly life goes to a certain place. Some religions have an answer to this question. Personally, my opinion is that a person can't even imagine what will happen next. But I'm pretty sure there's something out there, beyond consciousness.

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  1. No. Unless the life of a person in general. As a species.
    Such a life exists. And the life of a particular individual is not preserved after death.
    �Knowledge and qualities are transmitted, but not personality and consciousness. They're dying.

  2. Of course, there is life after death, but unfortunately in Christianity, it is so obscurely and not logically described that a reasonable person rejects this idea. And it's hard to blame him for that. However, the question of the eternity of the soul is very detailed and most importantly scientifically and logically described, for example in the Vedas, in the Bhagavad Gita in particular.

  3. Man is like a computer. You can upload a bunch of different programs to it, a bunch of everything. Watch movies and TV shows. Play games. Read books and make vk posts. But one day the computer will become old and die ( eventually the OS will not be supported). He will die and be gone. That's all. The end.

  4. If there is nothing after death, then what is it all for?

    Why should a person be good if he will not tolerate punishment?

    Why should a person suffer hardships if he does not receive consolation?

    I believe there is an afterlife. There is a reward and a punishment for human actions in the earthly life. There is justice.

  5. Of course it exists. Look around you, this is life after the death of your great-grandfathers and everyone-everyone who lived before. Your mind is 99.99% made up of the results of their work. The language, the knowledge gained at school, the cultural environment, even religion. All this was invented and produced by the people who lived before you. The mind does not disappear anywhere, it only writes itself down in books, so that later it can “bloom” in new, young brains.

    It is a pity that very few people realize this magical and real chain of generations. Instead, believing in all sorts of fairy tales about the transmigration of souls, the afterlife, grandfather in heaven, etc.

  6. No, because life is life, and death is the absence of life.�

    There is no soul.�

    The brain works while it works, and when brain cells die, the information is erased. Yes, the universe and the laws of physics treat us so simply. We are little bugs, a misunderstanding on a piece of cosmic dust. (At the same time, we, humanity, are an amazing phenomenon, perhaps the only one in the universe)

    And we are our brains. My opinion is that the ” I ” is even a smaller part of the brain. Because the rest of the brain, Big Bro, controls this self by releasing hormones. Who we fell in love with, why we are nervous or hate, why we suddenly want sweets and our knees are weak – nothing can be done about it – all this is Bif-Fucking-Bro. He drives us like stupid horses. Any society, any morality, upbringing, human values will not withstand the power of his primitive beliefs. I say all this to make it crystal clear that our magnificent “soul”, “inner world”, creativity, experiences, aspirations are some small and optional part of the brain. Which not all creatures even need.�

    When you die, you die forever. There are, of course, all sorts of fantasies about what an infinite variety of worlds awaits us after death (from Valhalla to rebirth on earth), but these are just attempts by a helpless consciousness to prove to itself that it, so magnificent, cannot just die! It can't be, right!?: (�

    Maybe he's dying. This is a cold fact, and fantasy lovers need to work hard to prove the opposite.�

    PS-what should I do about it? I don't know. My friends and I have discussed the problem of death many times, and surprisingly, the best cheerful fantasy that might be worth pursuing is rebirth. Good philosophy 🙂 It's comforting. “I have appeared many times, and I will appear again, so you can relax and have fun.” Or “I have been reborn many times, why not try to achieve something in this life?”.�

    And vice versa – a realistic picture of the world does not motivate. Everything is meaningless, and therefore not necessary. This is how our brain works �(Big Bro) – it is lazy when it understands the meaninglessness of actions (and not at all because it is bad).

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  1. If you believe the sections from the Bible, then there really is another world where the soul of a person goes to either heaven or hell.

    Also in the Bible there is a description that immediately after death, for the first 2 days, the soul wanders around familiar and close to the past life earthly places, then from the 3rd to the 9th day, at the command of the Almighty, the angel shows the soul paradise, where it is very good and it repents for its bad deeds on earth. On the 9th day, the angels take the soul out of paradise and present it again before God, then at his command, the angels from the 9th to the 40th day take or make the soul of a person a tour of hell, where it looks with horror at what happens to sinners in hell.

    On the 40th day, the Almighty already determines the permanent place for the soul, where it will stay until the last earthly judgment, and it is on this day that it is very important to pray for the soul of the deceased and remember it with a kind word, as this can be important for determining its place.

    Personally, as I understand it, the meaning of the last Judgment means the famous end of the world, and according to the description from the Bible, it will come suddenly, when some people will go about their business, and others will celebrate something(not literally, but as far as I remember, approximately in this sense). At this moment, the second coming of Christ will be like lightning, and everyone, both the living and the dead, will already appear before the judgment of God for the final determination of who will go to heaven and who to hell.

  2. I think that there is probably some other form of existence, but it is hidden for us. We know that there are other dimensions, something like that… I don't think there can be a complete loss in the universe of information that a living person received and accumulated during his lifetime. Maybe it is filtered, grouped, etc. I.e. the information field exists, it is known, and many or some people have encountered confirmation of this. Some kind of energy form, I think, exists in another dimension.

  3. The problem is in defining the very concept of the word “Life”. I can definitely say that after the death of our physical body, the Essence = Soul of any person does not decompose and does not disappear. It waits and seeks transmigration to another Body. Reincarnation of the Soul or spirit. Our earthly world is a school for young, immature human Souls. After finishing school on planet Earth, the Soul will have to get a “higher education”. Each incarnation has its own karmic tasks. A person's karma is the main factor that affects what their next incarnations will be like. Almost every one of us knows what karmic debts are-these are mistakes made in a previous life that will have to be corrected in the current one. In addition, there is also family karma — the influence of karma of the family on the life of each individual member. However, this is a completely different topic.

  4. It pleases me when people can't live their earthly life like a human being, spend it on the devil knows what, but, at the same time, dream of “eternal life”. It's funny! Use whatever gift you have, and don't think about any nonsense.

  5. There are many testimonies of people who died and God brought them back to life. But again, you have to believe it. Therefore, your question cannot be answered in such a way that everyone agrees with it. Someone will agree, and someone will continue to disbelieve. The Bible even has this text: “Even if someone rises from the dead, they will not believe.”

    For me personally, the evidence of the existence of God and the afterlife is everything around us, it is very complex, beautiful and interconnected, and not by human hands, because a person simply could not create all this.

    I was also in many addictions that I couldn't get rid of for years, and God set me free. God has left His word for man – the Bible; it is written about God; that only He can free man from any sins; also in this book it is written about the existence of eternal life. When God helps me with my problems, and when you read the Bible and what is written in it is confirmed in my life, then you understand that eternal life also exists, and you believe in it.

    Only in eternity there are two places: one place with God, and the other with the devil in eternal torment. Today, God invites everyone to choose where they will spend their eternity. This is the main meaning of human life on earth: to be reconciled to God for their wrong actions (and everyone has enough of them: unclean thoughts, rotten words, evil deeds), and, having been reconciled, to live according to the will of God, which He left for each person in the Bible.

    Here are some links to people who have survived death and returned:

    Viktor Reznikov – was mortally wounded, died, but God brought him back to life.

    Andrey Berglezov-was in a bad accident, died, but God brought him back to earth.

  6. of course not. but there is. for the vast majority, no, no matter how much they believe in reincarnation and resurrection. but if you become a person, then there will be no death, and ideas about reincarnation will become a tangible reality. but, people, God forbid, one in a billion. we are born and live in the illusions of our personality with built-in ideas about everything, leading us away from NOT waking up.

  7. Life and death are two opposite processes.

    Life is a physical activity with a positive body temperature in the Solar System.

    Death is the absence of all activity, the rest of our brain energy in an immaterial state and in sub-zero temperatures outside the Solar system. This is doing nothing.

  8. To decide on the answer to your question, you must first answer the question of what life is. If life is the existence of a physical body, then it is obvious that the body ages, dies and decays, and it would be foolish to deny this.
    Therefore, we can talk about life after death if we assume that a person is not limited only to his body, moreover, the body is only an avatar, a vehicle in which the soul lives. The death of the soul is not so obvious, along with the death of the body, the connection with the soul of the deceased is lost, but we cannot say that the soul also ceased to exist. There is also no direct reliable evidence of the life of the soul after the death of the body.
    You can speculate. Where did all things come from?
    There is a completely unprovable, unlikely, but very popular now, thanks to massive propaganda, option-by chance.
    And there is a second option: by someone's will. But will is one of the signs of life. So the Creator of the world is Alive. Given the complexity of Its creation, It is undoubtedly intelligent. But the mind is also a distinctive feature of a person, or rather of his soul. Given the similarity of the Creator's and human's functions, we can assume that the human soul has value for the Creator and should not disappear without a trace.
    It is not possible for a person to comprehend the complexity of their relationship with the Creator on their own, but it is not necessary. The Creator gave man a Revelation, and man's task is to study and follow it.
    Unfortunately, due to a person's telestness, obtaining knowledge from the Creator is very difficult, so many different ways of saving the soul for eternal life have been formed.
    I hope I managed to convince you of the high probability of the existence of life after death, and you will have to look for the way of salvation yourself.

  9. Guys, this is a very entertaining question, and therefore interesting. Life is the absence of death, and ” when death comes, I am no more.” And let's look further. “After” means when death is gone, gone, gone, gone. Does it mean that life will return? Or will something else come?

    Or does it mean – now death has come, and what will happen at the time of death? naturally, there will be no life, if there is life, there is no death. I think that after death – and it will no longer be-there will be a state of “neither life nor death”. There will be no body, it will not come to life after death (physiology, worms are different there…). But the soul does not depend on the body. She will be. The death of the body has no power over it. And then think for yourself.

  10. By and large , these are the fantasies of our sophisticated brain, or we are in the matrix of a very advanced civilization and we are a big interesting game for the great ones..they want to kill us, they want to revive us, or inside we have come up with many excuses that we do not die ,but the soul is eternal , so that it is not so scary, because death is still creepy, we are so insignificant ..even in this concept of death, that no one will fully explain and give an accurate and correct answer …..Have faith and hope and the question will disappear……………..

  11. HELL is here on earth !Paradise still needs to be earned .When my grandmother was resting on me, she looks to the side and says-did you come for me ? I ask Granny who are you talking to ,and her mother and father are waiting for me .So of course there is something there!

  12. There is no life after death. According to the Holy Scriptures, God created people with the prospect of living on earth forever. But when a person dies, he ceases to exist. However, there will be a resurrection of the dead. God will bring back to life all those He remembers to bring back to life. Jesus said, ” Happy are the meek, for they will inherit the earth “(Matthew 5:5). Why is it that if God wanted people to live on earth forever, they die? The Bible has the answer.

  13. The soul and spirit of man are immortal, the body is mortal, and forever. After death, the soul goes to hell or heaven, depending on the ratio of good and evil deeds done. At the end of time, all souls will receive immortal bodies and eternal life

  14. I will rephrase the question a little: does our consciousness exist outside the body? It will be clearer this way. Not “life”, but “consciousness” – you will agree, there is some difference. Self-awareness. Self-awareness is, in all other respects, a profound philosophical paradox, which consists in the fact that one of the two things happens. Either our body generates consciousness, or consciousness is not generated by the body at all. Consciousness is a kind of external view of oneself. Is there such, uh, an axiom? No. The lemma? No-no. So far, probably, only a maxim – a copy can not be more difficult than the original. Consciousness cannot be generated by the body, because it is able to include it in itself, to realize it. In this very place, the ancient philosophers have a soul, preferably an immortal one. It didn't fall from the sky, but as a result of a traceable logical chain of conclusions. So yes, of course. If consciousness is separated from the body, then it exists, at least for a noticeable period of time, even after the destruction of the body. If not, then our concept of copy and original is inevitably violated. A copy, or consciousness, or soul, is more complex than the body that gave birth to it, because it is able to model it. Nonsense.

  15. God knows best, the Bible says the living know that they will die but the dead know nothing (Ecclesiastes 9: 5,10 )The brain dies and everything stops.Death is the opposite of life.But there will be a resurrection of the dead (Acts 24: 15) for eternal life on earth

  16. I think there is! But in a very transformed, calmer and presumably clean-from-the-fuss equilibrium in form, as from the reaction after synthesis, plus to the impulses of electrical neural connections, as concomitant matter, the consciousness of thought, as the soul …or angels… like faith. You can feel the presence, but you can't see it, the etheric body is like a bunch of Energy ( I'm with a ball of lightning compared to the power )

  17. So man is a living soul. It goes on to say, ” The wages of sin is death. Dust you are, and to dust you will return. But the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus. That is, life can be given to those who accept Jesus Christ as their Savior. Death is the cessation of life. The Bible also calls death a dream. And this dream will last until the 2nd coming of Christ. Bilia goes on to say, ” The time will come when all who are in the tombs will hear the voice of the Son of God and come to life. Some for Eternal life, others will hear the sentence of eternal death. Ie, they will die and they will never be again. “A sinful soul, it will die. Explore the Word Brzie it provides answers to all your questions.

  18. The answer to this question is found in the Bible. “The Lord God formed man from the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and man became a living soul. IIItak

  19. Yes, there is life after death.The person dies and the body decomposes, and the energy component is sent to another dimension, which can be partially seen in the three-dimensional dimension. In another dimension, I observed the dead, but already alive, fully restored in height and body and clothes, and near children and ladies and green trees and houses and animals.

  20. Answers are not given to us, and what to say about life such as our life there can not. here is hot blood and passionate feelings, and what can be in the decay? Nothing, because apart from corruption there is nothing and can not be and on that thank you we will try to live in this world and enjoy life.

  21. if we were all able to appear out of nothingness and nothingness didn't cause us any trouble or inconvenience. That is, life after death or not, we should not really care. Something like that. Another question is whether there is a hell and a heaven. That's what we should be worried about, because always suffering is not the most promising prospect. Well, eternal bliss still needs to be earned.

  22. There is life after death – because there is God. God exists because even a matchbox doesn't suddenly appear on the table. And some people think that the whole WORLD could do that)

  23. This is solely a matter of faith in God, the Creator, as the Source of life. It is impossible to believe in God and not believe in His ability to fulfill the word given to Him, inspired in individuals and recorded by them in a book, as a source of spiritual knowledge. In the matter of “life after death,” faith is the only ” tool of knowledge.” A non-believer cannot judge spiritual things, and a believer needs no other evidence than that presented to him by a”spiritual source.”

    The natural man does not accept the things of the Spirit of God, because he regards them as foolishness; nor can he understand them, because they must be judged spiritually. (1 Corinthians 2: ‎14)

    The Words of Christ: Whoever wants to do His will will know about this teaching, whether it is from God, or whether I speak from Myself. (John 7: 17)

  24. Phantoms, ghosts of the deceased coming to their relatives, obsession of people, mystical paranormal phenomena, stories of people who have suffered clinical death, myrrh-streaming icons, black magic voodoo witchcraft, I hope I answered your question.

  25. Not the same as in our understanding.Earthly life is full of pain, joy and many other emotional experiences, but there, no.To speak about the soul in grams, as scientists have established, I do not undertake,but still no one has given a place in these grams to ordinary human secretions of sweat and fumes that appear immediately after death, hence the total body weight is different, before and after death.Inhaled air also has weight,and when a person does not breathe, then the body weight decreases. If there is a soul, then it begins to understand and live only after a person realizes his earthly existence.Phantoms,that is, energy clots and ghosts, as we call them, they are full around us, here, only not all people can see them, and small children can see everything.

  26. Life after death is just beginning!!!) your relatives acquaintances and friends come to you in a dream in order to say something…our great-wise scientists say that dreams are the work of the brain…but this is their conclusion))

  27. Probably not. Otherwise,it turns out that our soul is immortal,i.e. eternal. Then why don't we remember anything from our past lives? (Individual “unics”who supposedly keep memories of their past existences don't count!) And don't worry too much about this topic: if there is something-fine,if there is nothing,then you will no longer care!

  28. I think there is something after death, but to call it life is like self-deception. The ant sees an anthill in every pile, and the woodpecker in every tree, the amount of work for pecking with the beak, but this does not mean that everything is limited to this. There is something after death, but not life in the sense that we experienced life before death.

  29. Many here refer to the Bible… What do you say?
    “The living know that they will die, but the dead know nothing, and there is no recompense for them, because their memory is forgotten.”
    Ecclesiastes 9: 5
    “For the fate of the sons of men and the fate of the animals is the same: as they die, so do these also, and all have one breath, and man has no advantage over the cattle, for all is vanity.”
    Ecclesiastes 3: 19
    And one more question. In the Old Testament, God communicates with Moses in different guises… it appears to him on the mountain, dictates the commandments without any devices, and then bang and communication only through the ark of the covenant, what is it?

  30. If it were not for her, then there is nothing to talk about it.So there is.The question is do we believe or do we not believe.For him who believes,life after death is and will be according to his faith.For him who does not believe, there is none, and it will be because of his unbelief.Jesus rose again and proved by himself according to the flesh as a man that there is life after death, but the prince of this world, Satan, called the devil, blinded the minds of men and sowed unbelief in their hearts in order to destroy them,and Jesus came to destroy the works of the devil,for this purpose the Father sent him.The devil sows doubt in people's minds by going and leading many to hell where he belongs.And he who believes in Jesus follows Jesus.Therefore, there is hatred among those who are subject to the works of the devil(cheating, lying, adultery,murder, and all the sins of this world) it is not necessary to list, Jesus said as I was hated, so you will be hated for My name's sake as I was persecuted, so you will be persecuted for my name's sake.And all this because he denounced sin,and who says that he does not sin is a liar, the one who crucified him?Everyone has sinned, Lord forgive us.Peace to all in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.Amen.

  31. Sometimes it's hard to believe, but definitely THERE is! There are many confirmations and facts for this. Most religions recognize that the human soul is immortal!

  32. Yes, there is and if you deserve it you will be in Paradise together with God and Jesus who love us. Where every leaf on the tree sings the praises of God. Where everyone is so happy that the ground feels like a garbage pit afterward.

  33. We are already creating primitive game universes. With completely, in every sense, stupid bots. Bots are dying. But…

    • If you could save the game, if your saved games exist, then when you” resurrect “your avatar, the bots that are” alive “at the time of saving the game will also” resurrect”.

    • If the system has full backups, they can also include the game universe with its bots. This is also the potential of “resurrection”.

    • If the bot's primitive AI is self-learning, the bot is in some way experiencing its own deaths.

    • And finally, the most important thing. When the AI can learn a lot, learn at least for something, even for the same game-not useless, it will make sense and save its “soul” for further reincarnations.

    Total. Of course, we don't know how our world works in this sense. But there is reason for moderate optimism. The meaning of “preserving” and” resurrecting ” our souls is there.

  34. Undoubtedly there is.
    This question does not leave a single person on earth alone. And the answer, which suggests itself in the most obvious way, torments even the most notorious atheist. No person who is honest with himself or herself and is aware of himself or herself as a person automatically KNOWS in himself or herself that there is Someone who created him or this world, and that % is a kind of continuation of existence, even before he or she has fully formulated for himself or herself all the results of his or her reflections on this topic.
    The world is organized in the most wonderful way, each system and individual organism is a work of art and a masterpiece of engineering that amazes, and the existence of personality and moral laws simply does not leave the slightest chance for other conclusions. Analog knowledge of this world leads sooner or later to a clear understanding that life is not limited to just the five senses of exploration and does not end with the cessation of breathing.
    So, yes, there is life, i.e. the existence of a person definitely after death. The question is-in what form and quality will it be and according to what principles and laws, and can we “influence” the life or being that will be after death?
    But that's the next question 😉 👍 🏻

  35. Of course, yes. The only question is whether to believe it or not. And what kind of life, that's the question. Perhaps because of the narrowness of our perception of our world, we are not able to accept other forms of life…. But if ice can turn into steam, and steam can become water, so can we…. In a metaphorical sense🤗

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