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  1. They exist. But not all of us are nice and pretty, and we do what we do. THERE IS ONLY ONE COPY OF US IN each reality. And not the fact that she will be a law-abiding person. There are a lot of parallel worlds – there are so many “casts” of a particular person: each copy will have its own sets of moral and ethical values.

  2. There are an infinity of alternative realities, they are called parallel worlds and their appearance provokes a lot of difficult life decisions for each individual and for each person out of maybe at least a few million and how many more such people in the world? In short, multiply 7 billion by infinity and therefore we have a constant infinity of parallel worlds.

    In short, you are definitely there and not one million times.

    PS This is as far as I know an unproven theory, but I think it will be a good food for thought for you.

  3. I would put it another way – There is only one reality – everything else is an illusion, a delusion, a simulacrum, an imitation, that is, a departure from reality, its distorted version, which can no longer be called reality..This is exactly the “reality” that humanity lives in..The return from error occurs through the acceptance of the Truth..But what is Truth? The question is open to people, but for me personally, it is resolved: The truth is Jesus Christ, who is the light of this World, that is, the One who dispels illusions with His Word and His Revelations and brings the Truth to Life..
    12 Again Jesus spoke to the people and said to them, ” I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will not walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.”
    (John 8: 12)

  4. And here without church greyhound scribes did not do. Well, everywhere they try to stick their murlo. That's right without them something will not do. There is nothing to say – sit silent in a rag, listen to what smart people say, maybe you will get smarter yourself. However, this is unlikely.

  5. It depends on what you mean by “alternate reality”. Try to imagine a four-dimensional or more n-dimensional space, mathematically it exists, but can you imagine it?
    You can also talk about an alternative reality, theoretically it can exist, but the question here is whether you can prove or disprove its existence))))

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