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  1. There was a question whether there is evidence that our world is NOT a matrix, and no one wrote it there, and I could not find it later, so I will write here.

    there is some material to describe the behavior of current propagation in which there is not enough information capacity in any system, even hypothetically infinite. This is one of the little-known but irrefutable proofs of the impossibility of simulating the processes occurring in the universe.

    Sorry for the inaccuracy, you can break through the post-science on this topic if you are interested.

    * From the moderator — I think this is this question:

    What irrefutable argument proves that we don't live in the Matrix?

  2. If our world is the Matrix, then we are all absolute Keanu Reeves and our gods (creators) are two transvestites, oh, this great Director and Screenwriter. Could you formulate your question correctly?

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