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  1. To make a conclusion, you need to tell one story. One professor who taught at the university made an interesting experiment. He handed out a large psychological test to the students and asked them to answer it. He collected the papers and after a while distributed the same result to ALL the students, regardless of the answers. Almost everyone said that it was really written about them and the teacher made a correct description of the character.

    It's the same with horoscopes. Consider my horoscope for yesterday: “Today, you should demonstrate a gentle nature and a willingness to forgive and forget almost all of someone's sins. Especially since there will be a reason.” You know, I don't even take offense at anyone, I don't have the habit of holding a grudge.

    And now let's see NOT my horoscope for yesterday: “Do not be active in commercial activities – financial losses are likely.” This advice would really help me a lot. But, alas, I should have forgiven the offenders, I didn't have time to worry about money.

    Many people make wrong purchases or successful ones or quarrel with someone or make cool discoveries and so on, and every day. And no one would pay attention to this, but after reading in the horoscope, they focus attention. And a coincidence of 80% is not an indicator of a cool astrologer, but the presence of a psychologist who skillfully caught mass habits.

    So yes, this is a well-founded proof of the influence of the zodiac sign on the character-believes or does not believe, logically-thinking or superstitious, critical or trusting, confident or demanding advice, and so on

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