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  1. The Sherlock Holmes method allows you to give very quickly complete answers to all the endless questions…These answers are very well consistent with both imperfect sciences and religions – if you approach them logically, and not biased-politically-propagandists.

    Living matter is represented by a huge variety and a simple close observation of living matter gives the main answer-evil is a natural consequence of the imperfections and mistakes of the most living developing matter.

    Proverbs – “The main enemy of an imperfect person is himself”,” A fool friend is much more dangerous than a strong enemy ” -illustrate evil, as a consequence of the imperfection of the person and his friends.

    Dr. Watson is an ideal would-be counter-character-he is considered a highly cultured and well-educated man of his time….but against the background of Sherlock Holmes, he resembles an underdeveloped teenager who is constantly surprised and perplexed about the incomprehensible success of Sherlock Holmes…..

    Anyone can become Sherlock Holmes with an optimal education, but so far the dream of most is the level of Dr. Watson – this is the formal education of all countries and times.

  2. You can directly point out the cause of evil on earth and the accuser:

    • one of the reasons is the legislation of the universe, where all beings are guaranteed freedom of choice;

    • unity and struggle of opposites: from the one center, from God the Father, comes a wave of light of the life of the universe, which creates the movement of space in a wave motion, but then the waves are reflected and return to God the Father.

    Waves in centripetal and centrifugal motion form a variety of creatures.

    When the waves reach the periphery, they fade out, forming a chaotic movement that boils in the form of a broth. The energy of the broth rushes to the unified center, receiving nourishment on its way from higher-level creatures.

    If the divine ideas of the Holy Spirit come from the CENTER,then the egoistic ideas come back from the periphery. Two forces of different directions are formed around the beings of the universe, which form a trinity of beings: spirit-soul-flesh (matter). Chaos creates matter-flesh according to the idea (program) of the soul, which transmits its work to its spirit.

    In this regard, there is a saying: it is not what is included in it that is harmful to a person,but what comes out. What is included in a person? Enters: The Holy Spirit and material food; exits: the spirit and working off food.

    The angel, cherub, Lucifer, who is close to God the Father, becomes infected with the idea of selfishness, that is, living for oneself. Earlier it was said that this idea comes from chaos, darkness. It is the 2-pole position that gives rise to the movement of the cycle of energy and matter in the universe.

    Basically, the whole universe is this energy, but there is a high vibration and a low vibration. Low vibration in chaos, high in God the Father.

    Low vibration is introduced into the high layers of high-frequency energy, interfering with the transmission of energy.

    These hindrances are formed by Lucifer, who created for himself a separate cohort of angels-devils, builders of the matter of all beings, who infect the soul of beings with impurity. The impurity of souls cannot build perfect matter, and the bodies of beings are subject to diseases and quickly collapse and die.

    All living beings consider these hindrances evil, but they do not effectively fight against evil, since matter and spirit have different visions of life, and the soul of beings is in a fluctuating choice between ideas.

    The choice is simple: life or death.

    God the Father has no way to influence the periphery, because there the waves fade out, paralyzing His information. You can liberate the universe from the angelic level by showing the universe what's going on, so that the creatures can make their own free choice.

    To do this, God the Father sends His Son to people so that Jesus Christ can correct the situation. Christ is born as a man from a woman in the immaculate conception of the Holy Spirit. His trinity has a divine potential: spirit (from the Holy Spirit) – soul( from the holy elect of God the Father) – flesh (built by the ideal soul). The universe needs an example of a being who will decide to fight evil, and what will happen in the end.

    Creatures in the universe do not know how to fight chaos (darkness).

    Christ puts priorities in their proper place, sacrificing his life to the flesh for the sake of preserving the righteousness of the soul, sending worthy information to the Father.

    Christ rises from the cross and ascends to the Father, setting an example for other souls. The universe sees that the righteous person does not perish, chaos (darkness), although it does not lose its strength, but becomes in its place. The main thing is that Lucifer is losing his leading position in the universe.

    Lucifer was proclaiming to everyone in the universe that God the Father had usurped power. That matter should also prevail and have its right to live on an equal footing with the Father.

    Christ showed by his example, by the death of the flesh, that the laws of the universe are perfect, and that those who follow the commandments of God have eternal life.

  3. In general terms, some Gnostic movements believed so. In their understanding, God, the creator of this world, created the world in the image and likeness of another world. But because of his inferiority, he could not recreate the fullness of that world, so this world turned out to be flawed and the cause of the damage is God the creator.

  4. There is not someone, but something – this is the Bible. Read it and you will learn that God did not do anything good to people after He created Adam and Eve. But the suffering, diseases and deaths sent down by God there are more than enough.

  5. One of the variants of reasoning found in various philosophers: if God created everything, then he created evil. Well, that makes sense. There is an ancient saying: the demiurge creates matter burdened with evil. There are other versions. For example, non-rotten peaches grow from the seed, but either rotten fruit or eaten by birds or animals can be the target. Conclusion: a rotten peach is not necessarily evil. From the acorn grows not a rotten oak, but a whole one. Conclusion: even if you encounter rot, you can guess that it was not created initially at all.

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