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  1. No, it doesn't exist. As stated in the answer above,”Everything we see, hear, and feel objectively exists.” However, it was possible to dispense with just the word “feel”, since it includes all the previous ones.

    George Berkeley came up with a riddle: “Can you hear the sound of a falling tree if no one is around?” All sounds, colors, images are the product of our senses. Thus, when ears and eyes disappear from the world, all sounds and images will also disappear. Moreover, people who talk about the subjective and objective will not be able to give an adequate definition of this concept, so you can only understand what we are talking about intuitively. Based on these considerations, I do not accept the subjective-objective dichotomy.

  2. Set up a small experiment: talk to different people about their perception of certain phenomena, processes, and sensations, especially about the color scheme. Then you will understand that there is nothing objective. Only God is objective, but not everyone agrees.

  3. Sure. Objectively, everything we see, hear, and feel exists. Another thing is that our understanding of these objects or phenomena is subjective. These are objects, phenomena, or something completely different. In what forms, in what form, in what proportions and in what connection it actually exists. Our estimates, names, and calculations are subjective. We can't be sure what's going on. We can't even be sure where this is happening. Whether in the outside world, or in our heads, or somewhere else.

    Still, it is clear to me that there is a changing, evolving system of which we are a part.

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