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  1. There is everything you can think of. Including free will. The only question is whether it is available in a particular situation to a particular individual. It is more convenient for a person to live with a mechanical consciousness than to be the creator of his life at every moment of time. The latter, by the way, is not always justified. Sometimes it is more useful to really be a robot, follow a clearly defined algorithm of actions, especially if it helps to save energy and energy in a critical life situation. After all, being in a creative state is an energy-intensive process.

  2. Definitely. Or do you think that all our actions, including your question and my answer, are just banal, inevitable and strictly going in a certain direction chemistry?�

    Well, if you think so, then you are fanatics gone, which the materialists ate up all the remnants of your worthless brains.

    Apparently, the minuses now will also be put not by zombie-left liberals, but by chemistry. Class))

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