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  1. Freedom is not permissiveness, that's for sure. Freedom is an opportunity to choose and a great responsibility for this choice. Global freedom, not personal freedom, is when some free people accept the freedom of other people. Freedom is first of all a feeling, and not just some formal check marks in the document “on freedom”. And most importantly, freedom is the right to be yourself and speak on your own behalf, and if necessary, the opportunity to defend your own interests and the interests of your social group(not forgetting, of course, about the same responsibility and about someone else's freedom).
    Freedom certainly exists, but not globally. Well let's just say: Some are lucky to have freedom, and some are not. Someone in this sense is disadvantaged, and someone in a privileged position.

  2. Freedom for me? First, there is no pursuit of anything, such as time, opinion, or a dream. This is a kind of nirvana, silence, calm. If you want to go to the left, then you want to go to the right. Lack of needs, this does not mean that you have everything, you just have enough and always norms.

    How do I imagine a free person? He doesn't earn much money, but he does what he wants and likes, and has enough free time. He dresses as he feels comfortable, not to make a good first impression. It has an android with a large battery capacity. He says what he sees and thinks about, and this is not just a mat and criticism, because the thoughts of such a person are pure. And most importantly, this person makes his own choice, and not under the pressure of circumstances.

  3. Freedom exists only in comparison with unfreedom with restrictions. Of course, there are restrictions, the most natural ones are physical restrictions on our body, the laws of attraction are so arranged that we are not free to do everything we want. For example, fly:) The following thresholds of freedom are imposed on us by society, primarily described in the Constitution of the Russian Federation. But this is not the end of the matter, there are also moral laws and simply the limitations of society. And there are also our limitations in the head. With some types of freedoms a person can put up with, and with some not. For me, freedom first of all should be in my head, the freedom to think what I want, no matter how absurd the thoughts are. That is, to be free in front of yourself. Freedom is to do whatever I want with my life. Freedom for me is to fully manage my time, my activities, make a choice in favor of the one with whom I want to communicate, as well as express my thoughts and emotions openly. Freedom is about being who you are, not trying to adapt to society. Freedom of movement, when I can go anywhere and anytime. And accordingly, financial freedom guarantees all other freedoms.

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