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  1. The mind is immortal.The mind is what is thinking and feeling in you right now.

    All our minds together are the one and indivisible Mind of God.

    Unfortunately, people don't understand God,they think that God created this world,

    but God is all-consuming unconditional Love,complete and absolute.

    Happiness,such that there is nothing more to add,a constant quiet Joy,

    Peace and Absolute Knowledge. Only the Mind of God really exists.

    and there is Paradise (the ideal world) and it has no opposite, but God

    I wanted to share it with someone this is an amazing state

    Love, Joy, Happiness, and Peace, and thought in his Mind that

    There is another Mind like Him (the Holy Son of God),full of Love,

    Joy, Happiness and Peace, Eternally innocent and sinless and God gave

    to his Son in his creation of Himself.This is how our Minds were created –

    eternal and unchangeable Spirit (Mind) Love and Joy and where God is

    He designed us in his Mind,and our Mind is there forever,because

    there is such a Law of God: ideas do not leave their source. But I'm tired of being in Paradise

    our minds and he asked God: “What happens if I create my own

    your own world, but without Love?” To which God replied that there was no such thing.

    maybe because without Love , it's a hell of madness: guilt and sin, pain, fear

    and death, and this is not in the Will of God for his beloved Holy Son, but our mind

    I insisted… The Mind of God cannot forbid the Mind of God to think otherwise,

    to his Holy Son,since God created his Son free. And then

    God said, “All right, but it will only be a dream,” and God also took care of

    put the Holy Spirit in our mind – that's the true Self

    our mind, the” I ” of God.The Holy Spirit knows how to help our minds

    wake up from these nightmare dreams that our minds have made up.

    …. And our mind fell asleep and the first dream it had was that it separated

    from God and became a separate, individual mind (ego) and lost knowledge, and

    our minds have experienced feelings unknown to them before: all-consuming

    fear, horror, pain, anger, and self-loathing for being betrayed

    God will punish him for this,and God's power is well known to him;

    a terrible panic when our mind literally went mad: it ” craved

    blood”, in a rage tore,killed, tormented, etc., etc……. And our minds were divided

    Divided into 2 parts: the Holy Spirit and the ego-this is how our universe of guilt and sin was created.

    Physicists know perfectly well that our universe is not real, an illusion… our dream

    a mind that can create worlds…. And then our mind was divided into

    an incalculable number of individual parts-egos-that can take on the role of a human being.

    absolutely any shape in this universe: stars, planets, water, plants,

    dinosaur, alien, human, etc. because Love (the Mind of God) –

    Formlessness itself.The Holy Son of God sleeps-our mind and sees terrible things.,

    nightmarish dreams, the cause of which is in the very first, “secret” dream of our child.

    a mind that, because of the unbearable pain, our minds forgot,and our own unbearably

    painful thoughts that he is guilty before God and therefore has become now

    he is a sinner, on the advice of the ego, pushed out of his mind beyond its limits (and the mind

    thinks he's the body) into this guilty world that we see. And now

    this world watches my dreams instead of me and these people around me,

    they think my thoughts for me. Since we are all one mind and my mind

    Part of your mind, and your mind part of my mind, my mind dictates

    To your mind, what you should think and do about me and

    on the contrary. The creator of the human world,our mind,categorically does not want to

    recognize yourself as the creator of this terrible world of guilt and sin,but the mind

    we deceive ourselves,because while perception lasts (until it's dead

    body) in all the people around you, as in a mirror will be reflected

    the inner state of your individual mind. The mind is nobody and nothing

    he can't hurt himself,only himself with his thoughts. So while in

    Your mind has ideas of guilt and sin, fear, pain and death Your mind will

    dream: if this body dies, your mind will create a different personality and a new body

    on Earth or somewhere else in the universe, because in the body the mind hides from the mind.

    God and from Love, and very much wants guilt and sin to be real.You have it for sure

    the same mind as God, only in his mind there are no ideas of guilt and sin, He is eternal

    and it always supports the unity and constancy of Love. There is only one sanity – we all Love each other, because we are all one Mind of God. And all these dreams sooner or later turn into a terrible nightmare (only on Earth

    the mind sees up to 1000 dreams) and then the mind starts looking for a way out, because

    there may be a very high pain tolerance threshold,but not an infinite one.By yourself,

    Without the help of the Holy Spirit,you can't get out of here, because your mind is your own.

    confused and lost in the chimeras of my own imagination. ….And then you

    Hear the ancient call-it's God calling his Beloved Saint to wake up

    The Son of God,eternally innocent and sinless, because he was created eternal

    and an unchanging Spirit of Love and Joy and is eternally present in the Mind of Its Owner.

    The creator. You will close your eyes and realize that here it is – your mind and then

    The Holy Spirit who loves you and is just waiting for the moment when you will finally,

    you don't want to watch these crazy dreams anymore,but you want to wake up

    in Paradise. Then the Holy Spirit will teach you true forgiveness,how to undo it.

    all thoughts created by your mind about guilt and sin, fear and death, pain and

    diseases. In fact, everything happens in your mind and you need to forgive yourself.

    yourself. …..And then the miracles will begin: at first, it will be rare and short-lived

    there is a feeling that you love everyone,including strangers,

    absolutely without reason and equally, any fear will disappear, and Joy and

    Happiness will become your constant companions,you will learn

    instantly heal yourself and others from any diseases,you will learn

    manage this world, which now seems beyond your control. Because

    The Holy Spirit puts you to a happy sleep before your mind wakes up in a dream.

    God. You can start learning from the Holy Spirit right now: <url> esotericos.ru

    “The Course of Miracles.” Very helpful to understand the course of Gary Renard's book ” The Disappearance

    the universe”; “The reality of immortality”; “Love has not forgotten anyone”;”Life in the future”.

    which Jesus and Buddha knew each other.” Robert's great books

    Monroe, who spontaneously came out of the body, “Long journeys” and

    “The Ultimate Journey”. Love you, Joy and Happiness.

  2. My personal life after death will not be. NEVER in any form.

    Comparison. I poured out a liter of water, how many drops are in them? Who and how will be able to collect these drops, restore this liter of water into a single vessel?

    But water, as such, is preserved until it splits into hydrogen and oxygen atoms.

  3. I believe in life after death, but not in human form. The body after death will become the material for new life-plants, animals, other people. As for the spiritual component, I would not like to go to heaven, hell, or anywhere else. Whether there is a world where people go after death and live there , I can't say, but that's enough for me.

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