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  1. Objectivity is subjective. We do not have access to reality as it is, only to our subjective perception of reality.

    It would seem that this is a dead end, but there is a way out. Conventionally, it can be called conventional objectivity. What independent observers agree on is objective. There is definitely a correlation between the thinking of different people, so why not call it objectivity?

  2. In theory, yes, it is also important to know what is meant ? Objectively, the chair is red or objectively something else, it seems to me that it is not for the most part because something objective should be clear to everyone , and everyone should agree, there are no such spheres , we look at the world, perceive it, with our organs of vision, hearing, etc., they are not the same for everyone , but everyone has their own, and everyone sees a little differently,

  3. Exists.. I am now more from a moral point of view.. for example, good and evil.. anything that tends to entropy is evil, as it brings torment and negative emotions.. what saves you from it is actually good.. even religions have objectivity.. “love your neighbor as yourself.”. it is impossible to deny that if people lived like this, life would be incomparably better.. But the very concept of objectivity is subjective, since it requires perception by the mind.. even for most animals, there is no such thing as objectivity, much less for the inanimate universe.. there are no colors or shapes for it.. yes, and for other forms of being, and the colors, forms and methods of perception of the environment can be so different that even the simplest human contact with such forms of being will be impossible..

  4. Objectivity exists. Only these are not the sensations of the observer, but the process that is taking place. But whether the observer can understand and accept this process is another matter. The planet Earth rotates on its axis-this is an objective fact. But for the observer on Earth, this does not happen, for him the sun rises and sets, which is not a fact at all.

  5. Yes, because if the statement is confirmed by real facts(for example, most studies say that the sky is blue), it will be objective.

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