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  1. I would call it worldly wisdom, but not philosophy. Everything around us is called philosophy.

    Everyday wisdom is a certain thought that comes to mind for almost every person, simple, everyday, and does not require special mental abilities.�

    I don't think that the writers of a cartoon sit around with a philosophical dictionary and think “What idea should I put in the next issue?”.

  2. The” depth ” of philosophy in popular culture can hardly be measured, but we can say for sure that in many modern cartoons (as in films, TV shows, and video games) some philosophical ideas are played out. The question correctly states that these cartoons are “for children and adults”, that is, they have a superficial level for little ones, and” worldly wisdom “for those who are older, and a deeper level for those who” fumble “(and this can be not only philosophy, but also, for example, references to other works – special” Easter eggs ” for geeks). Therefore, this culture can be called mass-the same cartoon can be watched by both a gopnik and a professor – for each of them, the creators put in the work meanings that correspond to their intellectual level.

    As an example, we can cite the analysis of philosophical ideas from “Rick and Morty”:


    It is important to add here that we, as viewers, do not know anything about whether the authors of the cartoon deliberately put “philosophy” in the work or not. But in such cartoons, questions of ethics, politics, and the world order are raised – that is, topics that philosophers have been dealing with since ancient times. Therefore, we can use cartoons “for children and adults” as illustrations of any philosophical ideas.

  3. Depends on which ones. Take, for example, the TV series “Smeshariki”. The fact that many episodes contain plots that are incomprehensible to children has already become a byword. Take, for example, the series “Creator”. It illustrates the idea of solipsism in an accessible way. In principle, if you look closely, almost every second episode in this series has a double bottom. If we talk about TV shows like “Luntik”, then, of course, these are absolutely superficial ideas.

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