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  1. I understand that you are interested- – – IS THERE a NON-FALSIFIABLE TRUTH? {{{ANSWER: it does not exist in the form that can be expressed in any way, which is the basis of Popper's philosophical doctrine of fallibilism and falsificationism}}} And then there are answers below, from a number of slightly more literate (from a philosophical position) “Letters to a learned neighbor” by A. P. Chekhov, because there they give answers without necessarily making a preliminary statement about which THEORY of TRUTH they are talking about (semantic, syntactic, correspondent, conventional, etc., etc.). And THE ABSOLUTE TRUTH – – – is of the highest meritA TRUTH that is TRUE throughout the entire universe of all statements, indifferent even to negation. And such ABSOLUTE TRUTH is associated with the Deity (Absolute). and even though it exists(which is a universally consistent statement), but is inexpressible in no language for the entire universe of existence(Godel and Tarski constraints). Moreover, ABSOLUTE TRUTH is a stronger condition of reality than even the whole of Existence, which of course exists, but it is a less strong condition of reality than the existence of ABSOLUTE TRUTH, about which only true Knowledge can exist..

  2. The ultimate truth is the absolute truth.

    Does it even exist? Yes, it exists. But from the time of Socrates and Pilate to our age of universal denial, the same sacramental question remains open: can absolute truth be concentrated in the hands of one person or one group of people? Our mind responds: “This can't be happening.” In a world as finite and conditioned as man himself, no subject can be the possessor of absolute truth. But there are still relative truths that we can and should use to the fullest.

  3. Are you interested in the Truth as such or a true statement on a particular issue?

    If the former – then yes, it definitely exists, and the main part of philosophy is just considering what it is.

    If the latter – then most likely it is not a subject of philosophy.

  4. Let's turn to Ozhegov's dictionary.

    TRUTH – in philosophy: an adequate reflection in the consciousness of the perceiver of what exists objectively.

    The world is constantly changing, matter is constantly being transformed. This is true if we view the world from a materialistic perspective. Therefore, in this case, the ultimate truth does not exist. Truth will always be transformed and changed along with the objective conditions of being, with matter.

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